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Monday, 25 February 2013


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You have whetted my appetite - sounds like it could be fun. I'll "pop in" for sure. J x

Paul B

Sounds like a brilliant idea. i shall certainly be following your aha moments as you learn to scrapbook on the go. I'm doing something similar in March, where I'll be sharing my ongoing lessons throughout the month. Feels scary and fun all in one. Love your layout. Crisp, clean and packed full of the details of the moment you captured. A perfect layout. Pxx


I'm always entertained by the insights of Himself :)


You look so beautiful and happy, not a bad page either! ;) Thanks for the link I'll pop in too x


Such a happy photograph of you Alexa, and so wonderfully documented. I have always admired your digital pages and cannot wait to see what Creativity on the Move is all about.
Looking forward to re-joining Simply a Moment in March. Roll on Spring!


Sounds like an excellent plan!

I love the image I have of you as keeper of the vending machine..The Queen of Mars Bars, maybe?


I will definitely be "popping in" for anything you have to share! Have to say, you've left me wondering what was in the box!?!


.....but what WAS in the box????.....

Lovely page Alexa, love the photo of you:)


We're not going to settle until you reveal what was in the box you know!


looks like you have us all intrigued!

Jen Hart

Sounds great, a really valuable 'now' tool for the scrapbooker.
Love the layout, you look very happy :)


March already? Oh my! About the picture. It was on a t-shirt at Target that I couldn't get Sloane to want. So, I snapped a picture of it so I would always have that wonderful, whimsical face. I did manipulate it a bit, but I got the art originally from a t-shirt. Wish I could have drawn it.


'Creativity on the Move' sounds just what I need, Alexa. Sadly work commitments have been a pull lately, so maybe I could learn something from you and work out how I can blog quickly and easily during my breaks... or while camping... yes I am being hopeful here and thinking of warm summer days :)
I love your Simple Moment posts, and I do mean to take part or I visit when I can't. Mediation is something I have started lately. Taking just a moment or two to be still and thoughtful is very powerful and grounding.
By the way, I'm intrigued by what was in the box!


This all sounds really fantastic Alexa - I'll be here learning whatever I can!

By the way, Himself sounds utterly charming right this minute!


Wait a minute now missy! You didn't tell us WHAT was in the box!! Not fair... ;)
I would love to pop in and be more mobile on my mobile in regards to scrappy affairs. Everything else is there, why not scrappin' too?


Love the photo of you. Dpn't love that we didn't get to find out WHAT was in THE box! Hope it was lovely! Look forward to reading your new series - thanks so much - I honestly don't know how you fit it all in (hugs and much admiration xxxx).


This sounds so exciting. I will be coming back for sure. BUT what was in the box?!

Deb @ PaperTurtle

Haha - you say "just a series of taps and swipes" and make is sound so simple. Truth is, you have such a lovely creative touch to everything you do, and your digital pages are no exception.


Very creative. I love your storytelling style. I will look forward to March 18th. (love the mirrored Photo)


Can't wait for the series to begin! And I'm itching to know what's in the box, as well. :-)


Oh boy, looking forward to the 18th!


Ah, so I'm working my way backwards and have already seen "the reveal" post from 28th Feb.... so I'm sure I know what was in the box.
But what a fun post!
Did Himself get his glasses repaired?
I am interested in the box-unit things behind you. Did they come from a certain John Lewis, by any chance? I'm sure I own some of the white boxes - I bought a carton in the sale, with white A4 boxes inside, which included fittings to put them into a unit, so they would slide out... looks as if you actually have the whole thing (twice over)!
(I don't know... the things I notice... )
Love that box - it looks so interesting and a bit mysterious.


Oh goody goody! March 18' hurry please! Great layout, as always.



Please!!! tell us what is in the box!!!!
I really love your way of writing and telling stories... I'm sure I can learn a lot with you
Thank you for being there!

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