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Friday, 15 February 2013


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It is all very clever if you ask me!
Glad you are home safe and sound, though it must be a wrench to leave. Thanks for the reminder of the date - I had been oblivious as I was feeling industrious on the home front!

Paul B

Great take on the sketch. You are truly a digital wizard!!! Glad you are home safe and well and I'm looking forward to reading your moment over the weekend :) Pxx


I'm so impressed with your LO as I'm sure my IPad skills are not anywhere near that level. It's great and I had a smile at your train building skills. Grandmas are littlies best playmates, my mum is exactly the same. Looking forward to reading your moment.


i hope i remember my railway construction skills for my grandchildren. I'm still using them on my little nephew. Gorgeous layout and thank for the simply a moment reminder x


Glad you are home safe and sound. I didn't know that you could get an adapter to transfer photos from your camera to an ipad - I am now searching Amazon as I NEED one! I love your layout, Little One looks like he is really having fun.


Gorgeous layout Alexa. Technical genius.


That's where I got mine, Becky, and it works like a dream. It will even spot if you have photos on your camera which are already in the Photos folder on your ipad, so that you can choose to not download any duplicates. Perfect!


Thank-you for that lovely vote of confidence, Sonja, though honestly you don't need great technical skills. I am the one in my family who is 'technologically challenged' so if I can, anyone can!


So looking forward to simply a moment Alexa! I am in awe that you can create that on an iPad! I am so impressed.

Karen Walker

Well, I have to agree with many of the previous comments--technical genius, digital wizard--but even before the iPad I thought that was true. I'll be waiting anxiously for more information though my digital skills to begin with are much more basic than yours. It would be lovely to scrap while I was traveling! Off to check out Keynote.

Fiona@staring at the sea

I too am impressed with your digital and technical wizardry. I remember the many hours spent building just such train tracks with my two when they were small. Happy days xx


You are very clever :) I do love a peep into a different way of working, and the beautiful results


Welcome Home! What a lovely layout.

Jen Hart

Well done on the mobile scrapping, so nice to be able to do it whilst so fresh in the memory.

I will record my moment :)


That page is darling - and I'm very impressed with your digital skills using a tablet. Thanks for the reminder - I think I might have just the moment to share.


Glad you are home safely, Alexa...I am off to find that adaptor on Amazon!
Alison xx


I love your digital version of the sketch Alexa! Loving the bright colors and how your design put more focus on the photos (compared to mine). Well done my friend, especially when I think that all you had was a iPad!!! :)


Mobile scrappin'! Huh! Brilliant. And way beyond my capabilities me thinks. I like shuffling paper around. And me needs me stuff! Lovely layout of the little fellow. Too bad his Granny isn't in the pics too!


I often wondered what it would be like to be a grandma, reading your memories and Lo's I have an idea, they are wonderful Alexa.

Missus Wookie

I'm reading this late - been that sort of week, this is lovely Alexa. I'm looking forward to being a Grandma or at least a Great-Auntie :)

Was hearing all about digital scrapbooking on your ipad from a podcast - several classes are available. Thought it was fun but I'll leave it for the moment and just marvel at yours :)


Wow, I'm a scrapbooker too (as well as an art journaller) but have never managed to make my dazed and confused brain understand the intricacies of digital. Your work is just SO good that it (almost) makes me thing about having a go .... but the reality is that's not going to happen! I can still admire yours however.

Andy Lean

Fantastic page and great use of the scrapbooking app on your ipad. I am very inspired. I really enjoy visiting my godson and playing with his train set too. Andy

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