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Friday, 11 January 2013


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Great page both ways - I slightly prefer the black background


Think I slightly prefer the white background!

Paul B

The white version is definitely the best, it highlights the snow. The black doesn't have the lovely wintry feel of the white. But I do love how a slip of the mouse can throw up something unexpected and fun. The layout is gorgeous, and I love the direction you're going in. The grungy heart brush is a beautiful artistic touch. Hope you stay warm and keep the fires stoked up when the cold spell hits. I'll hibernate the moment the first flake hits the garden lol. Pxx


Loving the white background. Much better IMHO. (Did u get my email)?

Jemma @ Just-Jimjams

White for me - more wintry ... unless you were going for a dull, dreary and depressing vibe, in which case black is better!

Jacky S

I love both of these.....really can't choose between the two!!
I'm also sincerely hoping the weather forecast is wrong!!!


The white was 'instant love' for me... it's absolutely stunning!


Well we're at the opposite temperature spectrum here with 38C today. I can't imagine living where it gets down to -14. My preference on the layouts would be for the white background.


I do like them both - but in the white version my eye is immediately drawn to the Little One, while in the black I found I was rather more aware of the parked car and van in the background - so I'd vote for white :)

(Hello and Happy New Year, by the way! Been offline for a bit, it's nice to catch up x)

Jen Hart

The white for me.

Now I am looking for a snow day so if you would prefer not to have it then please send it my way...I hope you enjoy it and don't get cut off for more than an hour or two and it doesn't cause problems.


While both work on different levels, I much prefer the white background and think it is more in line with what you are trying to convey.


oooh I like the white one best as it keeps the page open and bright whereas the other in black seems to draw it all in and highlight the background somehow... does that even make sense??? lol xxx


White for me too! Am hoping there's no snow, am not really a fan, lovely to look at but a pain to get around!


That's the funniest thing - I've just come from Miriam's and what did I write? "the difference a few clicks make!" I think white is right for me with this one.

Best of luck with that MOT and the tax return..


Another vote for white. It gives a clean fresh look...which is how snow makes it look, at least when it's fresh....not when it goes all mushy and icy! I know the boys will love it, but i really really hope we don't get too much x


I actually think the actual ball shows up better on the black!
Alison xx


Like te black one best :-)


Oh, wow, I like them both! (guess that's not very helpful LOL)


oh white all of the way! and can't even IMAGINE being cold in our 40 + degree days over here, fighting fires (well not me, the menfolk!)

Missus Wookie

Oh I like the white but then I like white as a background. Which reminds me - I ought to buy some more cardstock. Whose stripy paper/ribbon is on there?

Tracey Holdyk

Oh definately the white. This is such a stunning page, love it. I notice that you are doing OLW... are you doing the online class at Big Picture?
love me :-)


Gorgeous design and interesting to see the comparison between a black and white background. The white one does it for me; it feels more open to the elements. Whereas the black one closes in on your photograph, if that makes sense.


Another vote for the white page. Good luck with the tax return.


Amazing how easy it is to change things up. I definitely leaning towards the white...yes! Lovely!

Fiona@staring at the sea

Both backgrounds work, but it was the white that jumped out at me. Great capture of the kick.


I prefer the white, it seems to open up the space and feels crisp. Hope your temps rise soon, we are having a our annual round of 70+ (F) days and I am in shorts and loving it. Tomorrow we should be back in the 40s. I am with you on the "how many days until spring?"


These are both terrific. Although the black one pops a bit more, I think I prefer the white because it has more depth to it.

kate adderley

hi Alexa, happy new year , haven't been on the computer much the last few weeks, been busy, purging out my scraproom , re-doing scrapbooks into pockets, waiting for my seafoam edition to arrive foe PL, it is now finally here -YAY-, so should be back blogging soon, with 3 weeks of PL to start the year. just been going through your last few posts, all beautiful as always, l must say l like the black pic the best, and l love your wreath for the new year, l see your doing One Little Word, with Ali, l too have taken the challenge this year and am doing it for the first time , and l must say l loved the Jan prompt, so excited to be doing something just on me, my word is BEGIN, what word did you choose ?, HAVE A GREAT WEEK.........


My vote is 'white'" too.



White feels cold to me, but honestly I love the contrast ofthe black. I am no help!


I like your "how many days to spring" comment as I sit here with the windchill outside a bitter -13C. :) Ok back to serious - I really like the white one, the other one is too much contrast for me.

Karen Walker

I'm a fan of the white one. Too many days til spring. Winter has just begun and we've already had more snow this year than all of last winter!

Ali TS

The white highlights the figure, and the black highlights the vehicles - just as Mel said above!


I like them both but would vote for the black - for me your grandson pops out more. Interesting that others found the vehicles showed more in the black for them.


Loving the contrast of the black, but that's just me :D

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