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Thursday, 03 January 2013


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Hello Alexa, Oh certainly goodbye to illness, like you I have had enough of it, I do hope your finger survives in it's entirety! I have been impressed with our NHS system today, apart from the notices! Now when I learn more about the new scrapbooking app might I be able to produce something as beautiful as your page for them? You continue to inspire me xx

Jacky S

Unlike many people I always feel sad saying goodbye to the christmas decorations.....I love them....and they always stay up till 12th night.
I love the sound of that book.....but think a scrapbooking app might be beyond me.....though I do want to welcome PSE 11 this year.....an Amazon bargain.....though only if I actually master it,of course!!!
Wishing you all the best for 2013.


Lovely journaling as always-lovely to hear bout your wanderings with dad. Treasure those times-they pass far to quickly.


Or even too quickly

Jen Hart

There is something very difficult and very strange about turning the year and 'leaving' someone behind in it, well done to you both for finding your way through with some smiles.

"Christmas in Casualty"-did that last year with a poorly tooth :D

I shall be looking forward to hearing about that app and welcome to app-land.

And what a lovely smile you have in that photo.


Hoping your finger heals quickly, leaving you lots of opportunity to play with all your new toys. Will be waiting to hear about that app... I haven't entered the app world yet (blackberry is not really onboard with it all)... maybe in another 2 years when I get to change this phone out again.


I have always loved the idea of beginnings - whether new and fresh or just restarting. Everything has to start somewhere right - and hopefully take us somewhere.


Hope the finger is on the mend...and I'm looking forward to hearing about that app!
Alison xx


Hope the finger's on the mend...nothing like a little drama on Christmas Eve. We're still futzin' around with health care in the US...despite the law, Supreme Court decision, etc. Some people don't believe that everyone is entitled to health care...the new app looks to be just great! We're all eager to learn more...love that page.

Happy 2013 to you and here's to more spur of the moment trips ---sounds like you hit upon a gem.



The app certainly seems to be a good one but it probably your skill more than the app :) I have only had a smartphone for 2 months and am still learning it. I would love to have all my photos tagged and easily organized but that is probably a dream for me. Hoping to Capture a Moment with you this year!

Karen Walker

You created that on an app???? I'm so impressed! No, apps do not seem to come with much instruction, and I find I do best with them if my daughter has it, too, and teaches me what I need to know. I have many photo apps which I am still trying to decipher. I hope your finger is healing quickly, and everyone in the house is feeling better. What a way to bring in the new year!


Hope the finger is on the mend. I love the page and I'm looking forward to hearing more about the app.

Missus Wookie

Oh I'm sorry to hear that there have been accidents and illness, but thankful indeed for the NHS, cozy cafes and laughter. New scrapbooking app sounds good. I've only had a smart phone for a short period but do enjoy using it - haven't installed many 'fun' apps yet, but will I'm sure.


yes I've been struggling with aps this week too. Love the self portrait in your LO. Hope your finger is on the mend

Paul B

Wonderful Layout, love your use of circles in the design. Lovely to hear you're still in festive mood regards your tree. I'm afraid I took mine down just after Boxing Day. You did better than us on New Year's day, in that you actually braved it and left the house :) We had planned on a walk but it was just too damp and miserable. How awful to hear of your hospital visits and finger over Xmas!!! So not the best time to have an emergency. Eek. Hope it's healing quickly. And after seeing your photo of your phone, I can agree that it's time for a new one lol. And when it comes to apps, look up the ones for drawing and sketching. They'll help you fall in love with apps. Pxx

Tracey Holdyk

Hello Alexa, Love your layout on the move and can't wait to see what you used and how you created it. Sad to hear that you have been have some health issues, hope they heal quickly. I have to say my christmas tree came down before the new year, its a thing I have about starting the new year afresh. Loved reading your post, very inspiring. Thanks for stopping by my blog.
Love me :-)

Deb @ PaperTurtle

Ouch - I hope that finger is healing quickly! I love this post, Alexa - from your goodbye/hello sentiments to your thoughtful photo strips (I want to copy you so much on those!) and that awesome layout. The self-portrait on your layout is awesome - your beautiful and happy spirit shines! Gosh, I always love visiting you over here!

{Looking forward to knowing more about that scrapbooking app!}


Oh, goodness! Hurray for A&E when you need it, eh? yes please to waving good bye to illness - here's to a much healthier New Year for all


So sorry to hear about the Christmas injury! UGH I'm glad New Year's was a nice starting over.


Love your description of your tree as well-behaved and elegant! LOL!
I've done a bit of evaluating of what I want to keep/toss on my blog. Working on a post about it.


I hope you have now well and truely recovered from your accident. Happy New Year and what a lovely layout to start it off.Starting a new year is very much an odd sensation. Enjoy facetime - i use it all the time to speak to my sister and her family in London x


I love the beginning of a new year, the fresh slate, no matter how good, bad, indifferent the year prior had been. Good for you for tagging your pics; can you come and contend with mine when you are done. I spent 2 and a half hours yesterday looking for bubble pictures...


What a great post with the goodbyes and hellos. Sorry to hear about the illnesses and injury. Hope your finger is coming along and back to normal by now. Scrapbooking app? Now that sounds interesting, although Blackberrys really aren't the phone to have in the app world but I do have an iPad so maybe I can use it on it. Looking forward to hearing about the app.

Take care!

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