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Wednesday, 16 January 2013


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Missus Wookie

Hope Saturday goes well Alexa.

Sometimes you just have to concentrate on the face it was good news for someone else.


Your moment has such depth and meaning alexa. wishing your dh lots of luck for saturday x


Wow - what a powerful story all captured in the conversation. . . the chilling temperatures no doubt matching the fear inside. But, as you say, things will look better in a few moments. Sending healing thoughts and strength to you.
Thanks again for sponsoring this meme.


Gorgeous photo, Alexa! You are such an amazing writer. I could feel everything you were experiencing and could imagine the gentle reassuring look you were given. Prayers lifted that things go smoothly in the travel and the surgery on Saturday.


All things crossed and calming thoughts from me to you. Your writing is so lovely.

Jacky S

I do hope it goes well.Alexa.


Goodness, it is very hard to find the words to describe how I feel after reading your moment Alexa. I can feel the scratchiness in your throat and the lurch of your stomach. I wish I could send a little warmth your way, I would gladly share.

I hope Saturday is successful and that all care arrangements are sorted, He will be taken well care of in hospital.


How very frustrating to prepare and appear only to be turned away. Not only the physical preparations but the mental and emotional toil that takes. I am sorry that happened, glad you have a positive outlook upon it however! Hope all goes well when the time does come!


Gosh, it's so frustrating when they cancel. Fingers crossed for Saturday. And yet again, Alexa, you've captured your moment beautifully.

Jen Hart

Beautifully expressed Alexa, I hope it all goes well on Saturday. I am looking forward to scrapping my moment :)


Alexis, I hope all goes well on Saturday and the surgery does happen this time. Your "moment" says so much.

Paul B

My goodness, heartrending. You are very good at finding the words and sentences that evoke the exact feelings and thoughts of the moment. Seeing the pretty photo of the snow, i wasn't expecting your moment's tale to be about something completely different. Wishing all goes smoothly for Saturday. When I had an operation a few years ago, I didn't need Nick in the hospital but I so welcomed having him around when I was sent home. The care he gave me in the few days after was the most essential part. Pxxxx


Oh Alexa, I do so wish I could jump in the car and sit with your Dad... Not the outcome I thought I would be reading about after your previous mention of a hospital visit. Do hope all goes well and you can spoil the patient when he arrives back home. A beautifully written moment, as always. Thinking of you.


A masterpiece of setting the stage/mood for the unfolding moment. I was truly in that car with you both. I too wish success on Saturday, hoping that "it" happens.

Great moment and memory!


P.S. And thanks for linking me up.


I hope it all works out for you all. I'll be thinking about you on Saturday.

"Joshing" is a very Fair family word - my in laws use it a lot :)


Hope all goes well tomorrow Alexa....a perfectly described, poignant moment!
Alison xx


So much goodness to explore. What a great idea! Thank you.

Jemma @ Just-Jimjams

Bummer Alexa - though obviously better news for someone else. I do hope that this weekend's snow won't get in the way of any rescheduling. Thinking of you all ♥


Another beautifully told moment Alexa :) hoping it's good day tomorrow and all works well.


I love reading your writing - you write so descriptively. Hope everything goes well with the second attempt at the hospital.

Barbara Eads

What a lovely account of a quiet moment. I could almost hear the words unspoken as you just enjoy the "togetherness."

Karen Walker

Beautifully written as always. I hope the next appointment comes about on time, and that all goes well.


A gorgeous page - and conversation - with which to remember winter. Wishing you well...and the strength to get thru.


Oh Alexa, your writing is always so elegant & positive even in the middle of difficult situations. Thanks for sharing these moments - they make me want to strive for more understanding when things don't go exactly how I've planned.


Thinking of you Alexa, and enjoying your writing as always. I hope it all went to plan on Saturday and that you were able to find someone to be with your Dad.


Hello Alexa. My first attempt to leave a message met with technical difficulties. But it turned out to be a blessing because I got to come back and reread your post. You seem to handle situations as gracefully as you write about them. Thanks for linking me up. Take care.

Fiona@staring at the sea

Oh Alexa you write so evocatively. I hope all went well on Saturday and you were able to find a way to make it work xx

Andy Lean

Hi Alexa, Happy New Year to you. What a thought provoking piece! Your writing is so moving and the intricate detail makes you feel like you are there in that moment with you. Our thoughts are with you, Andy.


Oh, Alexa - I hope it was, indeed, fine xx


I hope the Saturday will work out. I am off to find if you have posted an update.

Julie Ratcliffe

Really beautifully written. I stumbled across you via Kirsty Smiths Telling Tales and have enjoyed jumping from moment to moment. Thank you.


So touching... I know I have already told you, but I really love your way of writing, you have style!!
I know this is two months ago, but i really hope everything was ok on Saturday...

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