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Sunday, 06 January 2013


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It is wonderful when things in the Universe line up just right... obviously you were meant to have that little chest!


This one tugged at my heart, Alex. I am so happy that it was still there and that it is now a part of your precious family's story.

Barbara Eads

What a lovely story. When you had that urge to jump in the car and go to the shop---you were meant to have it---right then. I'm glad you got it. Your treasures look so sweet inside too. Putting the story in is a great idea.

Becky Lane

Sometimes it really pays to listen to our guts! I adore your little chest, and the story that goes with it.


What a wonderful treasure - I'm so glad it was still there.

We have Robbie's grandmother's old desk & underneath one of the small drawers, in her handwriting, is the history of when she got it. Your photo & note will be a special addition to this piece.


Hi Alexa! I am trying to catch up on my blog reading and couldn't pass up your story telling! It is so very touching and I am glad you have those drawers right by your side!


Sigh. What a beautiful story. Just think if you had left it a few more hours to go in. Clearly you and the chest were made for each other


It was meant to belong to you and your family Alexa. A really lovely story and the perfect place for your mum's treasures. Thank you for sharing. J xx

Paul B

Lovely story Alexa, with beautiful sentiment. Glad you were successful in your purchase. I've too often made the mistake of going back to stores only to find the object of my desire already snapped up. The filled drawers look so inviting. Who could resist wanting to explore their treasures and touch the objects from the past? Pxx


Well done Alexa, this is the perfect story for Precious. I love that it is a new piece that you are talking about. And the little handwritten labels, I bet they could tell their own story. x

Jacky S

It was definately meant to be......so perfect....and so precious.


It's absolutely beautiful! I was looking at the photos and feeling my hand want to reach out and stroke it. Anything with drawers in it appeals to me very much too and this one is certainly precious. It's so good to have you storytelling with us Alexa. Thank you


This is such a beautiful story and you were certainly meant to have that set of drawers.


This is such a beautiful story and you were certainly meant to get that little set of drawers :)


What a lovely story and so evocatively written Alexa! The little chest of drawers looks perfect for storing your mother's stuff. Lovely:)


Your story is beautifully told and I am so pleased that you were able to purchase that little set of drawers. It was meant to be and your mum will be happy to know that it is now in it's rightful place. Such a precious gift to yourself.

Fiona@staring at the sea

I'm so happy to read that you got the little chest. It's perfect to house such a precious collection.

Julie Kirk

What a wonderful story Alexa. I'm so impressed at how you followed your instincts and found your treasure. Just lovely.


This is a beautiful story - made my heart swell if you know what I mean. It is a beautiful chest too and it is such a good idea to put a copy of the photo and post in the bottom drawer. Thanks for sharing this wonderful story xx

Mel J

A lovely momento and a great find!

Katie B

What a great story, and so well written. How wonderful that the chest was still there for you.


What a beautiful story! I love the chest of drawers too - enjoy!


Oh that is triply precious, for your Mum having seen it with you, for you to hold your Mum's treasures, and for your daughter one day to appreciate it and its story too.


What a lovely story and what a beautiful wooden chest. I know that you will cherish it and it will be a lovely heirloom to pass on. What a good job that fate made you go to the shop straight away that day.


And the smell, that special smell that comes with old french polish and wonderful wood. Is it mahogany or Walnut? It doesn't matter, that smell is just so evocative and with all those special sewing treasures in it you must be transported back down memory lane every time you go to thread a needle! Wonderful, thank you for sharing.

Karen Walker

I loved everything about this story. How lucky to have your mother's lovely collections, the memory of looking at the chest with her, and then the good luck of finding it at just the right moment. And it is, indeed, beautiful.


That brought a tear to my eye. Thank you for sharing this tale.


Aww a lovely story, it's funny how many of us have shared stories about sewing. Beautiful box too....a truly precious thing.


What an amazing story and so well told! I'm just now finishing up my story reading and this was a perfect place to end. Thanks for sharing.


Oh Alexa what a wonderful little treasure for your family treasures! I was holding my breath for you, hoping, pleading that the drawers were still there.

Missus Wookie

Oh so thankful for that sudden knowing and that you listened! What a wonderful blessing that little chest is - and indeed a precious. Glad you are taping the post into the chest so it can be shared and passed on.

Tracey Holdyk

I can hardly see through the tears to write this post. OMG this is just beautiful and feel very honoured that you shared this story.
Love me :-)


This little chest was obviously meant for you, Alexa...and what a wonderful place to keep your mum's sewing materials!
Alison xx

Jemma @ Just-Jimjams

Wonderful story - and it was meant to be yours!


Twas just meant to be :)


Alexa......a wonderful heartfelt story. It was meant to be x


Oh! I was so relieved when I read you got the chest! I 'm so happy for you; it is at home. Happy memories.



It was meant to be and what family treasures it holds.

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