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Wednesday, 30 January 2013


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Thanks for these Alexa. No answers to iPad query though.


I was seriously admiring your circles earlier in the week - thanks Alexa.

I too have no answer for the ipad dilemma ... but I am dashing madly this week, today I was with the Grade 6 children and tomorrow I am helping out with the Prep induction days - from one extreme to the other!

Julia Heald

Didn't know that about ipads. Have changed my settings this morning :) Hope your husband is feeling better.

Karen Walker

I just left a comment on the earlier post, admiring (and envying) your circles, so coming to this one next was surely a delight. I will try to figure out how to use them this week! Thanks! I haven't had much trouble leaving comments with my iPad, but I only use it for blogs when we're traveling, and must admit I'm not as good about commenting when I'm on the road.


Thank you for this freebie Alexa. I loved the look of it on your last post.

Missus Wookie

Glad himself wasn't having to hold the mirror.

I find I get less hassles when I post from within Flipboard rather than Safari and the google reader.

How fun to have the masks for the circles too. I'll email the link to myself (easy to do in Flipboard) thereby reminding myself when on my main machine upstairs to actually do something with the file! Thank you :)


Thank you for the lovely mask and a big thank you for visiting and your lovely comments.


It's a beautiful design!

I have no iPad advice - though I have noticed that visits to my blog with iPhones and iPads don't show up in my statcounter. I only discover them if I go into the Blogger stats.


sorry Alexa, i have no idea with the ipad thingy.

Your mask would look lovely as a blog header x


Have changes my comment setting on my blog to pop up rather than full window, just in case it helps ipad readers!


Thanks for the template!


I have experienced the same problem on my tablet, but didn't the cause or the cure. So I have changed to the settings on my own blog as well. Thanks for clueing me in.


I'm afraid I can't help with the iPad thingy - every so often I read about some people having difficulty leaving comments if they're xxx, but it's a different xxx each time! I haven't tried commenting via our own (non Apple) tablet so I don't know if that would have the same problem. Which is all of no help whatsoever lol! Thanks for the circles, though x

Suzanna L

Huh? I think you were speaking a foreign language in that last paragraph!! Love the circles and need to venture over to the "here" in which they are used. What I get for beginning at today and working my way backwards...

Deb @ PaperTurtle

Hi Alexa ~ Wow - your layout in the previous post is awesome, and thanks so much for this really cool template!

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