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Friday, 25 January 2013


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Karen Walker

You may think you have too many photos of the snow, but the ones you've posted here are lovely! I'm glad to hear the surgery went well, and I hope the recovery is quick!


Lovely ups and downs. I've never gotten into the groove of the month in numbers, though I love seeing everyone else's record.


Another enjoyable read and a great way to keep us up to date:) I love your photo display with the alternating "warm" and "cold" pictures! Good luck with all the snow!


great to hear recovery is going well. Fabulous snow photos - I love how it changes all landscapes (although hate being out in it)

Missus Wookie

Oh I wondered about your dh and his op, glad to hear things are hopeful. Realized this year I've not taken lots of snow photos, usually have a similar problem. It does change the view so much and is pretty to look at.

Jacky S

So pleased to hear that the op news is positive....sending good wishes his way.
I would be happy never to hear the 's' word again....and we have had very little of it.....just hoping for some warmer days soon.


I don't think you can have too many photos of snow! I love love love that last one! Love the wide angle and large depth of field:)

Paul B

Good to hear the recovery on your DH's eye is going well. Lovely photos of the wintry weather. Hope you're keeping warm and staying safe out there. As you say, there's more of the white stuff coming our way and of course there's the recent news of the tragedy of the family not so far away to remind us how dangerous the roads can be in your neck of the woods. Like you, i'm feeling the itch to scrapbook. Just need to allocate some time for it. Pxx


The snow pictures are so wonderfully atmospheric.

Great news about the recovering patient :)


more snow!! and then that's it after tonight, I hope. Great photos and good news about dh x


Sending get well wishes for a continued speedy recovery and hoping you are snow free very soon


The novelty is wearing off a bit now isn't it? And in fact it's not that pretty anymore around here! I love it when it is new and fresh but once it's icy and the roads have gritty slush on them, I'm ready for it to go. But the weather report isn't sounding too promising is it?
Good news on DH's eye, hope it continues to improve.


Glad to hear the eye seems to be improving...and your lamplight pics are great!
Alison xx


Good news on the recovery front! Continued wishes that with each day there is improvement.

Snow is a novelty around these parts; last year , for all the season, we had zilch. This week, it has actually snowed and it is cold enough to stick; I guess we have an inch and more is falling as I type. Your photos of the snow, albeit unwanted, are great.

Enjoy the weekend.


Jen Hart

Great news about DH :)

Love the snow photos and I forgot to link up my moment, even though I blogged it in amongst my snow thoughts, dur. I think I meant to make a layout of it...yes, i'm sure I did. I'll add it to the list of things I want to do.

Have a good weekend.


Oh glad DH is improving. I quite enjoy pictures of snow at other peoples houses! (wink.)

Jemma @ Just-Jimjams

Just spent an hour driving 2 miles to collect DD after work and 2 miles back - could do without our latest blizzard! Glad the surgery seems to have gone well.


Happy to hear the recovery is going well :) We had ice today, I'd much rather have your snow. It crossed my mind tonight that it's almost time for Month in Numbers!


Glad to hear that the recovery is going well. Hope that the snow is starting to melt and you can get about more easily. We were lucky here, didn't have too much and the main roads were cleared very quickly so it didn't disrupt life too much.


I definitely have too many pictures of the snow but it's the best place to look at it,( from the warm of my room) and yours are so beautiful. Ours has gone, all things crossed.


Ahhh... linky love always makes me happy.

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