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Sunday, 27 January 2013


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Julie Jeavons

Oh I hope himself is feeling better - that must have made his arm ACHE! I do hope he didn't nod off.
That's very beautiful graphic page. I do admire your fussy cut fine swirls and stitching.


My arm is sore in sympathy looking at him holding that mirror! I love all your ingenious shapes and patterns in b&w!


This is quite a stunning page Alexa, my eyes kept looking at this and then at that! So many great details! I sure hope the bubble goes away quickly!


Oh what an excellent page Alexa and yes, a picture that was begging to be scrapped. I am impressed with his ingenuity, but wonder at the arm fatigue and how he coped with seeing the snooker in mirror image? I hope He has made a full recovery now.

Barbara Eads

Your layout is exactly the type of thing I like to see. A little look into your life. It drew me in right away. I wanted to know what the story was. That's what I want my scrapbooking to do too! I love your layout too!


Sometimes black and white is exactly what is needed.

Jen Hart

That is stunning Alexa and I too hpoe he has fully recovered, both the eye and the arm! Have a good week.


What a fantastic idea both for watching the tv and relieving the boredom and for a layout. Love the mono look.


What a fantastic page Alexa and I am so pleased that himself is on the road to recovery.

Paul B

Fabulous layout, you've made me fall in love with monochrome all over again. Love the hint of ink splatter, stamping and sewing which all blend so well together. Great idea for the mirror. Your dh must have a lot of patience, I'd have been screaming with boredom. Pxx


I love everything about this LO. It's just stunning. It also records a fine little story, my arm was aching reading it.


watching snooker reflected in a mirror takes dedication - almost as bad as following it on a black and white TV, as we did as students - great LO

Julie Kirk

Wonderfulpage Alexa - I love all the stamping / inkiness. Great photo too [although I did have a slight flicker of panic .... not sure I'd hve been able to relax with a sheet of glass hanging over my head!]

Sending lots of thoughts for continued recovery. x


Holding that mirror to watch TV shows dedication indeed....though life would have been very boring without it , I'm thinking! Great layout
Alison xx


I love that monochrome look! And - wow, that's something that definitely needed recording (and you have reminded me of my Grandma who always loved to watch snooker. on her black and white tv)


I <3 everything about this page Alexa! The tiny bits of ink and paint and stitching, the movement, the subject matter - makes me kind of feel like I'm in a fun house with the mirrors that distort everything. Do hope Himself heals up quickly.

Missus Wookie

Hope himself is feeling better. Was the snooker live from Ally Pally? That's where we trudged, (through the snow!) to see the engineering exhibition Sunday before last. I like the monochrome and the feeling of movement you've created with the swoops and swirls.


That's a very clever idea for a page and it's absolutely a story worth recording.


I am glad the operation went well. I can't imagine having to lie on my back for a week but looks like he is coping well. Fancy watching tv via the mirror! Before I forget, your layout is just beautiful. I admire the black and white that you've used...I always struggle with this combo.


Sometimes black and white is exactly what is needed.
I do hope Himself has a speedy recovery and can manage the difficulty of lying flat.... the help of a mirror must relieve boredom. Let's face it, you can stare at the ceiling for only so long!
Love the page, and I hope you found a way of suspending the mirror otherwise an aching arm could be the focus of your next page!


i love the look of your page and all the little details. Hope he didn't have to use that mirror for long x


Wow, what an amazing page, love all the elements. I know exactly what you mean about pulling out lots of pieces and the floor slowly disappearing. Hope DH is recovering well.

Jacky S

Love this page,Alexa....even with all the white space....there are so many interesting little bits to look at.

Karen Walker

I think this layout is simply fabulous---one of my favorites! Glad to hear himself is recuperating, and hope it continues to go well. Love the four circles at the top of this post! I'm really in awe of your graphic design skills.

Jemma @ Just-Jimjams

Oh Alexa ... it is SO good to see you taking a turn with paper again ... a wonderful page! Hope things are still improving for Himself!

Suzanna L

Stunning Alexa! You have that monochrome thing down pat! What an ingenious solution to the oh so important need for telly during recovery!

Fiona@staring at the sea

Lovely little details on this page Alexa. Like others I was concerned about aching arms, but having read the next post, my mind is eased!


Gorgeous! Just wonderful!! Thanks, too, for the tutorial above.

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