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Wednesday, 12 December 2012


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Glad to see you back Alexa - hope it was a wonderful trip. I am playing "catch up" too - with all the posts I have missed this year so thanks for the journalling tips - I just snagged it. Thinking of you . Jen xx

Jen Hart

I was just about to do a catch-up post myself, the bit I really love is to record it all, I don't love it after Christmas, so I feel I have to do it as I go along. Hoping to do it today!

Paul B

Sweet journaling Alexa. Your stories are always a delight to read. And I love the page you have created. Looks beautiful adhered to the book. Glad to hear you're back safe and sound and having had a great, if short, time with your family. Not bother, I'm sure you'll see them all soon. And there's always Skype in the meantime. Pxx

Missus Wookie

Those learning two languages problems are always tricky - glad he was able to work it out Not-bother is a useful word!

Glad you got to go and see them - family are always important but more so at this time of year. Neat journaling prompts too thanks for sharing them.


Alexa, do you design all the templates you use? This one is fabulous - well done.


..and now it's the 13th and I'm working backwards with a Google Reader next button which refuses to work properly and intenet connection issues like I've never had before :( so I'm admiring and saying hello quickly before the whole thing disappears on me again :)

Jacky S

It sounds like you had a wonderful trip...the average 4 year old has trouble with words in one language,let alone two.....he's doing wonderfully.


Hi Amy! Yes, I design my own, and glad you like it - thank-you! :)


Lovely templates and pages Alexa. Such a clean smart design.

Love,  Carrie

So love all your pages and your style!


What a delightful memory. That little one is quick and resourceful. It is easy to see why spending moments with him are so precious and hard to let go.
Thanks for sharing and for the journaling jump-starters. They will come in handy.


I'm catching up backwards with you this morning when I should be going forwards to work! Your 'last day' memory has brought tears to my eyes Alexa, you write so beautifully. I have downloaded your pdf & will look at it after work, now as I say to myself, the quicker you go the quicker you will be home!

Karen Walker

The title of your post is perfect, as I'm working backwards on the posts I've missed as I took a rather lengthy break from blogging. Thanks for the download. Your pages, as always, are an inspiration.

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