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Friday, 07 December 2012


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Oh, you have such a way with words! Love the raineth and sleeteth and that last one, dreech (dreich?), is such a treasure of a word. I keep forgetting it just when I have need of it!
Love your paper embellishments. I think you may be being too hard on yourself about that first page. I love the monotone look and how those bits of paper are like the books on the shelves.

Jen Hart

I haven't heard of dreech, but it is perfect and will adopt it. Good for you taking every chance, have a lovely time.


Esther, I never noticed the books-on-the-shelves effect: doh! And I think you're right about the spelling of dreich - thank-you!


We are not all that Christmassy yet either - I might put up the lone strand of lights this weekend?
Enjoy your time away on the weekend - I'll be here for inspection next week - just to make sure you stay true to your word about the C&S design! ;-)

Paul B

Have a wonderful time visiting family :) I'm not feeling very Christmassy either at the moment. Waiting for it to kick in, if at all :) Love your Journal pages. Your experimental, arty side is wonderful. Your page design is evolving beautifully. I can appreciate that some ideas, when executed, don't meet with your critical approval. You'll learn to love them later though :) Good to know that there are others who have days where nothing much happens haha. Have a safe trip. Pxx


have a fabulous trip. I was delving into my pile of old padded envelopes last week and prompted a few lovely memories of past parcels

Jacky S

Have a pile of padded envelopes going back at least that far!!!! Am really enjoying seeing your 'paper' pages.

Missus Wookie

Alexa - I was admiring the strips and reminding myself to use that on a page I've got bumping around in my head... so smiled when I saw you thought it was a duff :) Enjoy that visit with grandchild oh and his parents :^)

Karen Walker

I love both pages, and am curious how you will blend the digital with the paper in the end. I love the photo books Amy puts together with her digital pages, but have never found a way to print mine that seems quite right. Your work is always an inspiration. I, too, would go over a 1,000 miles to see my grandchild if I had the opportunity. Every day is a treasure. Enjoy yours!


I really like the monotone look too..and the thought of such an exciting trip. Grandparents swooping in for a magic visit like that - that's Christmas for you!


I LOVE that first page - certainly not at all duff! The 2nd page is very much a Sian/JulieK type page to me.
Have a wonderful weekend!


Well I love the artiness of both pages and especially the way the flower element is wrapped both under and over the photo in the second. Reading the journaling made me tired - sounds like you've been very busy and even a bit stressed! Enjoy your trip!


To be continued...wonderful pages and sooo looking fwd to next installment. Enjoy every minute of your weekend; lots of grist for a few pages on tap, I 'm sure.



Have a lovely time with the family Alexa.
Alison xx


You may be winging it, but you are still rocking it Alexa. Enjoy those precious family days x


I'm loving your paper pages Alexa and have had a lovely morning catching up with you. Hoping you have a wonderful weekend.


Your first page is terrific--different for you, but still wonderfully and thoughtfully done. And I really like the closely set title letters that edge the photo.


Your scrapbooking is always inspiring - even if in bits and pieces and snippets!


I hope your quick trip is going well! We're planning a 24-hour trip from Texas to Ohio next week just to surprise a friend at his 50th birthday party, so I totally understand.


I really like these pages! Hope you had a lovely time with your family x


Love your raineth and sleeteth - great words, and dreech too. They make the weather sound almost inviting! Your two pages are quite a contrast but each wonderful in their own way.
Hope you had a wonderful time with your family - who wouldn't want to miss an opportunity to see grandchildren?! Good for you not letting distance be an obstacle.


On a few days, I was tempted to write "nothing happened today" LOL. I love the understated colours in your pages.


I love the ripped paper mixed in with journaling along the bottom of your page!

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