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Sunday, 16 December 2012


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Katie B

what a lovely layout and a beautiful photograph.


I really hope your heating has been fixed now! Your hat looks utterly delightful Alexa - my moment is recorded and will be up later in the week.


Brrr - hope the heating is fixed quickly!
Gorgeous hat.


You write wonderfully I love reading your posts. Hope the heating is fixed. We have had the same problem and the engineer has been out on a few occasions trying to fix it.

Aqueel Mansoor

Really nice post full of emotions.

Paul B

Another stunning layout. The photo is exquisite, beautifully composed and sharp in focus, and how you've blended it with the journaling and background. So talented. Your journaling is bar none. You are a gifted writer. Hope all those heating problems are solved soon!!!! Pxx


Do so hope it's warm and toasty as you read this. Can't think of anything worse than to be without heat when it's cold! Brrr. And was the tree tall enough? Hopefully so and that when Himself returns you had a hot cuppa cocoa (or tea?) as you set it up...the moment was wonderfully captured in both prose and photo. So glad you invited us to pause and capture our moments; they are priceless.


Jacky S

Not the weather for no heating....do hope its been fixed.
Love your hat.


Beautifully written. I love the words, the photo and hope your heating is back on soon!


There is something warm about the way you write, even in the cold. Do you feel it?


I join everyone else in hoping that your heating has been well and truly fixed by now! And also that you feel less lacklustre. Beautifully recorded moment, as ever xx


I'm hoping that heat has been fixed by now too! That really is a most beautiful photograph.


a wonderful photo and moment x


I was shivering with you which is strange because our heating is playing up but the other way, I wish I could send you some of our excess! Hoping your man was able to call out to you. I love your beautiful page, and hat!

Missus Wookie

Yet another hoping the heating has been sorted. Weekends was frantic, grabbing a moment to relax here with you (and my lunch), did write my moment - just need to get it typed up.


Let me add to the list of wishing you warmth. And I hope that phone call was good news!


I too hope you are warm and cosy again Alexa..and that the tree was up to scratch!
Alison xx

kate adderley

Hi Alexa, what another wonderful moment,thanks for the lovely comment you always leave on my blog and be sure to pop over and look at the 15 days of DD, that l just posted.......cheers......kate


You communicate so much about your family and household and life in this moment - wonderfully done.

kate adderley

Hi Alexa, thanks for the comment, yes that blue bauble is so beautiful, so love that colour, have been putting more of it through my house, dont stress about keeping up with DD, my plan was to take my daily photo and then at the end of the week when l put my PL together, l do DD as well, it takes me all morning, but l get it done, dont know if l will do it the same next year, l think l will just keep the last few page pockets of project life for DD,lm trying to keep it simple............will try and get weeks 49-50 on blog on the weekend, if not l wish you the warmest wishes for christmas and a happy and safe new year and see you in 2013

Karen Walker

Everything about this post is lovely. I hope your heating was fixed promptly. I have a real aversion to being cold!

Barbara Eads

Hi Alexa! Thanks for visiting my blog today. I've added you to my list and look forward to your posts!


I do hope that your heating is now fixed and that your Dad is ok xx


Hello, wanted to thank you for the comment on my blog. So glad to find your blog, I love your pages, stories and pictures. What a beautiful writer you are, so glad your telling the story of your family. Hope the heat is back on for you today. I will have to try your link up in the New Year, my OLW is story and also to write more and improve my handwriting. THis would be helpful for me! Have a wonderful day!


Brrr... I'm cold thinking about you sitting there in an English winter without heat... Hope it's fixed now! I also hope that Dad is bouncing back and the tree was all you hoped it to be!

Deb @ PaperTurtle

Hello, Alexa ~ I'm playing catch up this morning and have just enjoyed a lovely time here at your blog. Gosh, your photos and layouts and artistic ability just blow me away. I'm a huge fan!!! I loved your story and layout about reading to your grandson on the phone - so sweet!

I hope you have a lovely Christmas, Alexa! I look forward to getting to know you better through your blog in 2013. :o) xo


A lovely moment captured. Glad you got your heating sorted. I have posted a Simply a Moment but have missed the linky. Will try and do it on time in future!

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