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Tuesday, 04 December 2012


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you are getting very arty these days Alexa - and hope your back is on the mend, I've caught up with a few posts at once today. I would imagine its on the chilly side over there, a rather warm and dry day over here, can't even imagine that we had the fire going just a couple of months ago (how come time passes so quickly as you get older?!!)

diane herman

oh...I love the colours in this page:)


LOVE this page. The days are indeed dashing by. Scary........!

Karen Walker

This is just gorgeous! I love the drawing with the photos--oh my, just wonderful! You're already a day ahead of me though I have the photos for Day 2 and 3. Nothing for today though. :-( I'm sure I'll get caught up.

Suzanna L

Amazing! You're WAY ahead of me! I've decided I'm going to do mine retrospectively. I want to live the moments and enjoy them not feel that I have to have to have something to document and be under pressure to do so. I put that pressure upon myself, for what?! You are doing a marvelous job!


Oh wow, your book is really amazing!! Love your pages!! :)


I love the colors on this page.

Jen Hart

Looking gorgeous Alexa. Yes it is this week when time speeds up, I shouldn't bother trying to catch up, I generally just cross things off my list that were supposed to be done in those missing hours and move on. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but next week a whole week goes. Just a friendly warning.....

My ink ran out on Dec 1st, so I have kept notes, I have instagrammed, blogged, but not a single bit of paper has been harmed for JYC yet. The ink came yesterday so hoping to get that done, but I guess I have journalled my christmas so far in some fashion.


I love it! I love the back sory:) Hope the juice gave you plenty of 'verve'!!


I adore the way you've done this with your beautiful signature doodling. Best of luck on catching that time - no matter how fast I run, it never works for me!

Missus Wookie

What a fun page - I like the photo turn as the centre of the flower.

Yes time has speeded up it always does from mid November until the end of December... the main reason for never bothering to do a formal JYC. Although I've done December daily - however I'm doing journaling with the family, collecting bits and ideas and will put them all together when I have that pause after December 21st.

Paul B

Beautiful page Alexa & that's a lovely photo of the veggie drinks. Beetroot always adds a gorgeous deep colour to juices. I make one with ginger, carrot, beetroot and apple. Lovely winter drink. Love the handrawn tulips you've added. Pxx


Such a pretty, fresh and flowery twist on Christmas planting! Yes, December is going way to quickly for my liking. Not becasue I'm not getting things done, but because I do love to savour it.


oh wow, Alexa, what a gorgeous layout! I have to admit I thought the juice was candles lol


Who could complain that you were late with a clever and intense page like this to enjoy. Looks healthy too!
I'm given up before beginning *shhhhh* don't tell!

Jacky S

Such a lovely,bright page.....which is perfectly uplifting today....as it is neither lovely nor bright here.


Alexa, your eye for detail is remarkable - you have such a mix of simple design, beautiful colour and the whimsy of the hand drawn - an altogether engaging page.


oh that is such a beautiful page and that floral tape..swoon!


This is a great page...works in any season. The colors are so rich and I heart the all the ways you captured and made an ordinary moment extraordinary.

Inspired! Inspirational!



The floral tape, to die for. This is such a beautiful page.


What a bright and cheerful page this one is. I love the rich pinks that you feature here and the addition of the pink-and-white clip to hold the top page down. Well done!


Yes, it is zipping by at a rapid pace. Love your page design!

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