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Friday, 14 December 2012


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I love the design of your bottom page and that center photo is amazing!


day 8 is a great way to talk about your trip - love the photo on the tag.

and your weather LO is fabulous - it looks so simple but then I started looking in detail at the design and noted all the small design components that make the whole thing sing

Jacky S

I love your weather page....it truly does look beautiful.....if only it didn't come with biting cold!!


I may not have been commenting recently Alexa, but I've certainly be reading and enjoying - and I actually have a bit of free time today to tell you so, yay! Loving your project, and the icy photos are stunning :)


How funny - I see that you're online too and were commenting on my blog while I commented here!! Hello! :)


As always Alexa, the things you capture take my breath away. Well done!


Stunning pages! This one about the weather is my favourite!

Jen Hart

It all looks beautiful. I will get you the brioche recipe this weekend :)

Paul B

Beautiful LOs Alexa. Again your journaling is superb and extremely evocative. What a joy it will be to read this album in the future years. Gorgeous photos too. You have such a clever eye for composition. Mind you, they do make me feel cold, all those snowy scenes lol Pxx


It is the 15th already and I am hoping to set aside some time to write later this afternoon. A lot has happened in the last month!

Your page about the weather is stunningly beautiful - icy photos always seem so calm to me. We have raging winds and stormy hot and humid weather at the moment - quite the opposite!


Well, it has been busy, but I'm loving catching up on blogs this Saturday a.m. Your work is stunning, Alexa. As beautiful as magazine layouts, but with lots more heart. I've enjoyed your last few post immensely.


really beautifully captured photos and words Alexa x


So enjoyed sharing your visit with the grands... Good to have you back tho' I can see how/why you jump at the chance to spend time with the littles...Love your pages and I had to laugh reading your words of encouragement for those "down under." Clever.



Great pages. Your album is going to look lovely when it's finished.


"I'm very proud of me" - isn't that just perfect?! I love it.


Such beautiful winter photos and words too of course. Your irish blessing to the southern hemisphere folk is so funny... Love the back to back/mirror titles you are using, so artistic Alexa.

Karen Walker

I'm keeping notes and journaling, but the pages themselves have not come together yet. I'm thinking I'll have more time this weekend, but who knows?


Wow that middle picture of the winter weather is stunning! Fun memories Alexa!! I want you to know I did the October or was it November? (hmmm. one of them, promise) Simple Moment. I have to uncover it from the depths of a near toppling pile and type it up.


Whenever you have time, Suzanna, will be just fine and look forward to reading it :). (You can add it to any current linky, if you like).

kate adderley

Hi Alexa, thanks for the always lovely comment, the TYPO store is a shop full of insprational words and letters and numbers that are printed onto cups, canvas, stationary, there are diarys, pens , pencils, you name it ,they got it, fantastic store. loved looking at the weather your having there, it looks so pretty, love looking at pics of the english countryside, my favourite show on a friday night is Escape to the country, maybe one day l'll get over there to see all the beauty.


Hi Kaste and thank-you for the illumination - sounds just my kind of store! Lovely to hear your enjoy photos of our lovely countryside and if you are coming over, do let me know!

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