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Sunday, 23 December 2012


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Your pages are so clean and beautiful Alexa! I especially love that advent candle. That is just amazing! We just have a simple candle with the numbers on that gets burnt down each day. Thank you for your kind comment on my blog. It has been lovely visiting and getting to know you and your blog too!


fabulous as always. Wishing you and yours seasons greetings. Hope you have a lovely family time and all the bet for 2013.

Katie B

What lovely pages and beautiful decorations. The D on all your December pages is such a nice way to carry the theme throughout the month.

Thanks for the kind words on my blog. I will be thinking of you this year as well having Christmas without your mum. I hope with both will have as much joy and as few tears as possible this season and all year long.



Gorgeous pages as usual, I really love your clean graphic style. Have a Merry Christmas Alexa.


Oh Alexa - thank you for sharing a glimpse into your advent days. Such courage being shown by you all as you face a new variation of Christmas with Dad but not Mum in residence. Love your pages as always for their clever graphic style and poetic words.

Merry Christmas
Jemma xx

Jen Hart

Your pages are great, the traditions lovely and heartwarming and great storytelling into that book.

I was thinking of you just yesterday and your Christmas, I hope it is peaceful for you Alexa.

Jacky S

Such beautiful decorations,Alexa.....particularly the Advent Candle.
Stockings??....of course we'll be hanging them up.....as DD2 says "you're never too old for stockings"
A very Happy Christmas to you all.


Lovely pages! Merry Christmas Alexa, to you and your family!

Paul B

Beautiful, heartfelt pages Alexa. Such warmth and honest emotion. Your style and flair are on top form with your Xmas book. And I've only just put our tree up so I think we're later than you lol. And I can't beleive I missed the "simply a moment' in December. Oh well, I'll add it to my New Year's resolutions (& perhaps, more practically, my calendar?). Have a wonderful Christmas and thank you for your friendship and kindnesses in 2012. Mwah! P xxxxxxxx


It's always hard to carry on all the normal Christmas celebrations when someone is missing. But it's lovely how including ornaments and traditions passed on by parents helps to keep their spirit close.
Have a good Christmas Alexa x

Karen Walker

Such beautiful pages and heartfelt journaling! The first holidays are so hard after losing a dear one. Your tree is gorgeous, and so it that wonderful Advent candle. I've never seen anything like that before. Have a blessed holiday!


Have the most wonderful Christmas, Alexa. See you in the New Year.


These are all such beautiful pages. I love your advent candle. Wishing you and yours a very merry Christmas. xx


Alexa your pages and journalling are simply beautiful. I wish you & your family a wonderful day today. I have a few moments this morning before the busy day begins. I am so glad I called by. x


So enjoyed reading your memories and moments of the season, current and past. Each page is special and I always marvel at how just the simplest of something sparks a cascade of thoughts and feelings~ stories to be savored and shared. As I write this, Christmas morning is well on its way and I'm sure your day is close to ending. I do send my very best to you and yours.



Beautiful Alexa, it is lovely to have family traditions that you hold on to each year. One thing I love about Christmas is opening the boxes from the loft and reliving memories. My Mum still has a Father Christmas that I made out of a toilet roll tube when I was a child. I can't believe how well it has survivied! I hope you are having a wonderful Christmas xx

Missus Wookie

My Grantie used to have a simpler version of that advent candle - thought it was magical to see the angels start to fly so suddenly.

Beautiful writing and clear design - such a treasure your book is.

Did note my 'simply a moment' but haven't managed to write it up yet...


The conversations you share in your journaling are brilliant Alexa! The everyday conversation that we so quickly gloss over there to remember and reflect upon.


I've been away from "blogland" for weeks, so I'm just starting to catch up.
What a lovely post, Alexa. It's so nice to read about other people's Christmas traditions and family celebrations. I love your German Advent candles; we have a Swedish Angel Chime, but I never got one of the German candle holders, although I've seen them several times. That one's lovely - one of the nicest I have seen.

The little story about the butterflies, and the story of your crib figures & your dad, were both very touching. I have several things that were given to me by my mum, which I treasure. I helped her put up & decorate her tree this year; it's always a nostalgic exercise, as she still has many of the decorations we used when I was a little girl. I think it was a bit more poignant this year than most, as she's been so poorly and I did pretty much all the work this time. Lots of lifting things out of the boxes and saying "Hey, do you remember when you got this?" or "Oh, the Three Kings - I remember those on the tree when we were little" etc... My own tree is a collection of memories too - some from when I was a kid, others from the year I had my own flat and bought a few decorations for the (rather sad & tatty) little tree I inherited from my mum, several that my son has made over the years, or things I bought for him, to make him smile....
It's more than "just a Christmas tree / decoration", isn't it? The decorations we keep and use over & over become like old friends and make a link to those past Christmasses...
Thanks for sharing your little traditions and special treasures. The stories are lovely.
Merry Christmas!


What beautiful journaling & pages Alexa. I hope y'all had a wonderful Christmas with many happy memories of your mom (along with the sorrow of missing her, I'm sure). I love that you are weaving memories into your everyday journaling for this December - it's beautiful.


What a beautiful collection of December images!! To you and yours - wishing you all the best in this up and coming new year!


I just wanted to pop by and wish you the happiest new year. May your 2013 be full of blessings, laughter, and happy surprises. Thank you for the inspiration you share here.


Dear Alexa, just dropping by to thank you so much my dear, for your love and understanding - which has reached out and touched me through the "magic" of the internet and given me strength to carry on as well as I have been able to. I have managed to find some pleasure and delight in the season - in spite of my terrors facing it like this for the first time. I have so appreciated the time you took to think of me, even with your own loss.
Thinking of you, along with others on the www - who have offered me so much love and support this last 6 months - Many many good wishes for 2013. J xxx

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