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Wednesday, 14 November 2012


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Love this idea & the posts I've seen in the past few months! I might give it a try tomorrow.


Love that from here to there series of pictures! Time is amazing is so many ways!


Thanks to you Alexa I have recorded a moment that I probably would not have if it had been any other day.
Your photos remind me a several I have, ones from Boxing Day over several years,it's interesting and comforting to look back upon them.

Jen Hart

I so enjoyed Simply A Moment last time that I will definitely be doing it again.

I love that series of photos, I am doing a challenge with some friends to do that very thing next year but from month to month in the same spot :) I can see now it will be worthwhile doing it every month for a few years, hmmm.

Granny Weatherwax is quite likely my favourite heroine anywhere in fiction, closely followed of course by Nanny Ogg.

I look forward to the 16th.

Paul B

Ooh thanks for the prompt. I would have completely forgot. Mind like a sieve these days. I've enjoyed doing the last two. I wonder what I'll record today? Px


Yeah for the wisdom of Granny Weatherwax. Love the series of photos


Hooray for wise old women. That series of photos is beautiful.


Thank you for inspiring me to really the ordinary-yet-still-special moments of my day!


Doh, I missed out the word "record" ...


Granny Weatherwax is so very wise :) As are you, of course!

I photographed the trees over the road on the same day every month throughout 2010. Earlier this year, all but one were cut down to make way for new houses to be built - I'm so glad I have that record of the trees!


That is one gorgeous tree and a lovely path/road to follow :) I have enjoyed reading the "simply a moment" posts and look forward to reading more!

Missus Wookie

Delighted to see both the reminder and Granny Weatherwax - a role model to live up to for sure.

Actually managed to do this! Woot :)

Posting here 'cause I'll probably not get back to the linky for a day or so...


Andy Lean

The series of photographs are amazing, it reminds me of the recent David Hockney tree paintings that were created in one location. Thank you for this inspiring post. Andy


I've recorded my November moment here http://debs14.blogspot.co.uk/2012/11/simply-moment-in-november.html


I will, I will, I will...one day join in. This is so something i want to try, i enjoying reading the posts x

Karen Walker

I love your series of photos, and have always meant to try something similar. Now that I think of it, I'm quite sure there are several looking up the hill from our house. I love your Simple Moments.

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