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Wednesday, 21 November 2012


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Now I am too curious, The inking-of-edges-and-the-carpet saga? Sounds like one for Storytelling Sunday over at FromHighintheSky with sain!

Paul B

What a sweet story Alexa. I now know what to do when I'm having a restless night lol. Just popping your number on speed dial. Can I request you have a fireman story on standby? I'm guessing your story reading skills are better than putting the Kindle on text to speech lol. Great LO too (& I can just imagine what tales come from using ink) a perfect use of your patterned paper. Pxx


What a charming story! Yay for grandma!


Mum has done the same with our children - the excitement on their faces as Granny reads a story over the computer is just priceless!
I'm glad you have taken the time to take this particular photo, it is quite wonderful - as is your journaling.

Jen Hart

Oh very good and well done Himself fot capturing it. Your young man is lucky to have such a storyteller.


Oh Alexa -what a fabulous story. Love it and what a lovely photo of you too.


That's so cute! How lovely that he phoned you:)


What a great grandma you are :o)
Himself is clever too, taking that lovely photo.

Karen Walker

I can't wait until Caleb is old enough to converse with us on the phone. For now, we have to satisfy ourselves with watching him move rapidly about his house, with Sarah following behind with her phone or computer. Thank goodness for technology, though! Lovely layout, and yes, how wonderful that Himself took a photo!


Great shot and story. Love the page too - think I need to do a bit more of your type of dancing :0)


A beautiful, beautiful story - with an ending that made me laugh!! I have several tales of woe involving carpets and crafting, but if I blog them then The Doctor might find out about them (ahem....)


I really miss reading stories to children...how lovely to be able to doso over the phone!!
Alison xx


too cute x


Love it. Good old Grandma


What a lovely story and a lovely layout too x

Jacky S

What a wonderful story....or three!!


You may not live near your grandson but he must feel like you are very close. What a lovely story, thank you for giving me a warm feeling to go to bed with. I think I will sleep well without James the Engine :)


This post and the layout are just delightful! Causes a warm glow throughout. How wonderful it must be to have that little one as a grandson. He is certainly enterprising, resourceful and loves him 'some grandma!'
Thanks for sharing .


My son loved all the train stories as a little one. I miss that. . .


A lovely layout and a wonderful story to go with it! Love that he fell asleep whilst you were reading over the phone to him - dreaming of you and trains I imagine :)


Fabulous photo of you & such a sweet story to add to this page - I really like that you've included it here.


I love everything about this page! The photo, the story behind it and the fact that it has you on it! Great great memory recording!


I often have the story behind the story with my page Alexa! One of the many beauties of scrappin'; deciding which of the stories is the one that will be told. Or all of them and in what manner in which they will be presented! Wonderful layout and memories!

Missus Wookie

Hmm your saga might be related to my misting-inking-macbook saga.... ;)

Love that you get to read Thomas over the phone - one friend said her mother used to send picture books with snacks and they'd sit either end of the Skype eat and read together. Even tho' for the Grandma it was the middle of the night! Extra stories are always a wonderful surprise too :)


Oh this story just makes my heart swell, I look forward to being able to do that (buy not rushing it lol) Great photo of you!


Hello Alexa, I'm having a catch up kind of morning, this days post is simply beautiful and wonderfully told. I like the picture of you x

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