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Thursday, 15 November 2012


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I know, JO is impossibly happy! I like his 15 Minute Meals series though and am considering buying the book.

Jen Hart

I wasn't sorry at all about getting his 30 minute meals last year and have been enjoying the series too.

Love the moment, it always feels slightly random after waking for a nap as you take in your surroundings and you captured it perfectly. I have written my moment so hopefully will get round to it in the next few days.

Thanks Alexa.

Paul B

Wonderful page again Alexa. Beautiful prose. And it was exciting to see your copy of imaginary animals. I had the same book delivered to me a couple of weeks back (almost forgot I had it on Pre-order). I've only glanced through it and yes, someday will be soon for me too. Didn't manage to record a simple moment yesterday. You can slap my wrists lol. Hope you have a good weekend and find time to be creative. Pxx

Jacky S

I'm enjoying Jamie as well....and the book is on my christmas list!!
I do hope your dad enjoys his trip.


A beautifully calm, reflective moment, Alexa. I felt at peace reading it!

I've been watching Jamie's 15 Minute Meals series with much pleasure, and look forward to being able to cook again!! Some of his 30 Minute Meals have become firm favourites (though they always take at least an hour.....)


Another wonderful page, Alexa, and you captured your moment perfectly. Who knew that I could find a moment over a bowl of soup!


I seized the moment and did mine just now :) I shall be so interested to look back over these when I have a collection of them - the last 2 have been very much concerned with my broken foot, so I look forward to one where I'm out and about again!


So beautifully written Alexa - what a lovely moment that captures so much of the story of your life right now. Thanks for sharing.


beautifully written Alexa. I haven't had my "moment" yet this month!

Missus Wookie

Oh I like that you've linked me already. Thank you! :) Lovely moment, good luck on the meat cooking.


So enjoyed your moment and appreciated the reminder to document mine - not quite as I'd planned but it worked out just fine, anyway. This is a great way to take a time out to just appreciate our days.
Have a great weekend!


Another lovely moment Alexa...thanks for the reminder to have my own!
Alison xx


Another gorgeous page, Alexa. What I love about these Moments is the sensing of what lies beneath the words. You always create such depth to your Moment.
I do hope you have time to paint soon. Your work is wonderful.

Karen Walker

Simply beautiful, Alexa.


I think the book might make it onto my Christmas list too.

It's a beautiful page - I like the photo with its collection of things which tell a story


I'm thinking now that JO has a 15 minute book, I may actually manage one of his recipes in that elusive 30 minute time frame! Beautifully written as always and I love the little collection of every day in the photo x


Simply beautiful Alexa and thank you for linking me. I love your phrase, One day later will be now. I know just how that feels. J.O is on Ben's Christmas list, I just can't get to grips with him! Carla's new book is on my Christmas list, the one I had recently is Drawing Lab. x


Beautiful, Alexa. I get drawn in, wanting more. I have JO's 30 minute recipe book which I have found fun to use. I am planning on buying this next one. 30 mins cooking time is always good for busy days. Good luck with the cooking of meat!


I so love this meme. I'm working on my moment soon.

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