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Saturday, 24 November 2012


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Jen Hart

A lovely way to honour your Mum's memory and her excellent preserving. I think your illustrations are beautiful and I think that focusing on the beautiful memories and creating will help you through a difficult time. I hope so. My very best wishes to you all and I look forward to seeing more of your December Days.


So beautiful Alexa - the memories, the image and the sentiment. I love this as a December Daily cover with its focus on the season rather than the festivity

Jacky S

I agree with Helena....and this is the perfect cover for you this year.


Lovely drawings Alexa! Great way to remember your Mum:) I'm looking forward to seeing more of this album too.


fabulous illustrations and yes let's hear it for mums. do we ever get over losing them? I fear not! :-(


Beautiful Alexa. Both the drawing and the memories the memories it represents. An unusual and poignant beginning for your book of December days x

Karen Walker

Beautiful drawing, and what a touching way to honor your mum at the beginning of your journal. First holidays without loved ones are so hard. I'll be keeping you and your family in my prayers.


Love your choice of subject matter, and your artwork is fantastic. Nice combination of text and sketching.

Paul B

Great sneak peeks Alexa and I love your sketches of the flowers. Loking forward to seeing more :) Px


I love chrysanths at this time of year too..lovely paintings Alexa!


I am not a fan of chrysanthemums but your drawing and colors make them look better than in real life! :P


I love them! They've always seemed like cheerful little flowers to me - hard workers too, I think


you are so talented.... both in writing meaningful words and drawing amazing pictures xxx

Missus Wookie

I'm so touched by your pairing of delicate drawings and the emotional words.


What a tribute to both 'Mum's Alexa! Lovely! A wonderful touch of YOUR Christmas memory and not the "norm" to begin your book.


Ditto. Ditto. Ditto...the most lovely tribute to your Mum and mums. Makes me smile in appreciation and I look forward to your dailies.



garden flowers in November?... hmmm I'm living in the wrong place :)
Your cover is so pretty. I love those bits of ribbon too. Look forward to seeing your pages :)


I always have mums in the fall but they are not in my top ten of flowers. Your painting of them brought to reality would change that, Alexa :)


Beautiful paintings and beautiful words, Alexa. A precious memory of your Mum.


Lovely illustrations Alexa, and mums should always be applauded for the colors they bring to our lives!


What a lovely post in tribute to mums - both kinds! I love chrysanths - they are the flower for November - my birthday month. I am thinking of you often - and sending love. J xx


Beautiful drawings Alexa and what a fantastic tribute to your mum.

Andy Lean

Hi Alexa, This is a beautiful and delicate drawings of chrysanthemums. I really like the fragility of your composition. What a brilliant way of honouring your mother and the start of the festive season. Andy


Absolutely! This is such a lovely front page for your December Daily, I like that it's not 'Christmas'

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