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Monday, 05 November 2012


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Karen Walker

Your artwork just screams Wild Abandonment! Love the colors and the way the design pulls your eye in a circle around the piece. Enjoy your time with your daughter!


For a blue-toed sloth you aint half bad! In fact I might go as far as saying you are a taslented tea drinking blue-toed sloth!

Enjoy your time with your girl.


Lovely work! I decided not to take Junelle's follow-up class,but I love to see what others are doing. I need to spend some time thinking about the garden. . .

Paul B

Wonderful artwork Alexa. Full of colour and creativity. Having near froze to bits fetching the morning newspaper, I'm with you about dressing warmer and becoming a sloth. I think my walk down by the river, later on, will be a rather speedy affair. Have a great week. Pxx

Missus Wookie

Your comment about putting the garden to bed made me smile - my kids/dh have been anxiously asking when we're doing that - no they're not keen on gardening but it is the last time I drag them out there before spring. Your page is lovely, I really like those balloons, been making some for birthday cards, I've just made a bunch of long journaling tags v similar to yours - completely different style pages too :lol:


love the energy of your art peice - and your sloth thing made me laugh.

Jacky S

I agree with Karen about your beautiful art work.
I'm afraid I'm very much a warm weather gardener....this weekend saw the planting of a new rose as the last 'garden act' til Spring....and socks are out in full force here now.


Another Monday, already? I really look forward to your list. Your sketchbook is wonderful, Alexa. You can really mix colours and make them vibrant. Wish I had your acumen. You could definitely run a digital colour course. I would be the first one to sign up!


Love the artwork...have a lovely time with your daughter...funnily enough I was just thinking how much I would like to see Kirsty some time soon!
Alison xx


It is beautiful, you can give any kind of art a real go, can't you? :)

I always have cold feet, so there are about fotr days a year I don't have my socks on!


No pretensions at all, you ARE an ARTISTIC blue-toed sloth with attitude! Love to see what is coming out of Junelle's new class. I didn't sign up - are the videos any better this time? Or still just endless rambling?


Ah, that's such a beautiful piece :)

My toes are still tending towards the purplish (along with the rest of my foot and ankle...) so keep being careful on thos stairs, won't you? xx


I just love the image of you as a blue toed sloth it has brought a smile to myself! Keep warm and keep crafting I say! xxx

Jen Hart

Fantastic piece of work Alexa, it is so vibrant and happy. Our garden needs to be put to bed too, next week though, no time this week, too busy.... busy trying to avoid it ;) Have a good week and enjoy your time with your daughter.


Love your art Alexa. Must pop over and find out more about Junelle's class. It looks interesting. Have a wonderful weekend with your daughter.


Not ever watched Downton Abbey but I do enjoy curling up on the sofa with a good daughter :o)


That piece has such a party feel to it and I think I recognise those scallopy border strips from my own stash. I will be missing Downton and wearing my socks along with you x


Hello blue toed sloth...hope your toes have warmed up. I have bought a very warm boot-slipper that is super warm for indoors so at least my toes are warm for most of the day. But we are having a warmer week now that the weekend. Being a fair weather gardener, I am not going out there to do anything.


Creative sloths, love it! The colors and movement in the piece really speak to the observer. Have a wonderful time with your daughter! The frostier mornings certainly make for quality time on the sofa with tea.


What a cheerful creation here. And I laughed at the escalation of the sloth theme--very clever.


Love this! so much going on in it. I liked the sloth thing too. My toes are now wrapped in black socks all day and furry slippers all evening! I'm mourning the Downton-less Sunday and we decided a Christmas baby might be on the cards, but maybe in the cottage & not the 'big house"?


I'm with you on the garden! great work of art

Andy Lean

Hi Alexa, I really like your sketchbook page, the colour, texture and shapes create a very joyful image. You have a wonderful creative flow! Andy

Deb @ PaperTurtle

Oh, Alexa, I am always in awe of your fabulous artwork. Gosh, it's just sooooo beautiful! Wishing you a lovely weekend with your daughter - I know how precious that time is together!

Jennifer Grace

Gorgeous page, I love the explosive quality! Love the idea of you as a blue-toed sloth with attitude too! x


Love, Love, love your art of wild abandonment!! I'm afraid going sockless is not an option here for us. We had 25 cm of snow yesterday with more to come tonight :)


The tree with balloons is just WOW! I love how wild and free it is, and wish I could be like that. Am cultivating sloth type habits meself- put it there sister!

kate Adderley

Hi Alexa, so glad to see u at my new site, l love my new banner too, so bright and the red laterns are so pretty, l have also followed Downton Abbey and love it , also have the dvds now , which l have re-watched and cant wait for the 3rd season here in Australia, what season have you just finished over there? love your new posts on the pumpkins and the bridge picture.


What wonderful artwork! I too am lamenting the loss of Downton Abbey. What do we now do on a sunday evening?


Lovely artwork :-)


What a great piece of artwork...sorry I missed the class 'cause I need some "encouragement," especially because I am not a sketcher and looks like that would help me get off the dime.

Love the plans you have/ had with your daughter this weekend..definitely número uno on my list and my cuppa tea!



Beautiful art and great prose! Checking your post put a smile on my face and made me long for a cup of tea.... off to start the kettle :)


Wow, love your art of abandonment piece, for a blue toed sloth you are being quite creative ;) I would be the perfect fit for the art of mess these days :/


Love the creation -gorgeous colours. Like you I wonder what I will be doing now that Downton is finished till Christmas and like you I am also expecting to hear the pitter patter of tiny feet.Will we see you on Saturday?

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