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Monday, 19 November 2012


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We have a similar week planned (although I am not doing a December album this year).

Jacky S

I'm loving the look of your December Days book.....I'm just putting mine together as well.
Enjoy your days off together.


I hope you and Himself have a wonderful few days. I love the look of your DD album ~ stunning.


your December Days book looks fabulous - and the spa sounds wonderful

Julie Kirk

I'm so excited for you - lovely to hear you've got somethign so special planned. I think you're subliminally already prepared for the C word ... your photos and book look wonderful and vey Advent-y. You just need to find some frankincense and myrrh!



Wishing you very happy, restful days off together :) The book is looking fab! I've made the tiniest of starts on my C-word cards, hardly enough to even count....

Paul B

Have a great week off - hope the weather stays pleasant enough for walking outdoors. I know exactly what you mean about ;C' cards. Don't want to think about it yet & may well be bought this year too :) Pxx

Jen Hart

Sounds like a lovely way to spend the week. I haven't done the december book or the cards yet, but have done other things including the cake for what is known here as stir-up sunday. Have a lovely week.

Karen Walker

What a beautiful collage of crafty goodness! The colors are so warm and cozy. I've been working on my Christmas cards this weekend. I have a little over 1/3 of them finished. I have a basket of goodies gathered for my Christmas Journal and am waiting for the album to arrive. The first one arrived damaged and I've had to wait quite a while for it to be restocked. It's on it's way and then I can start to get it ready for the daily photos and journaling.

Have a fabulous week! It sounds just perfect! We're taking one day this week to visit a few places in the Finger Lakes.


I'm contemplating a Dec Daily this year. Kraft is always a good choice - it looks great!


Enjoy your few days off! Love the album:)


The richness of your December Daily album is gorgeous, as are the photographs showing it off.
Wishing you a lovely restful week together. The Spa sounds like fun!


Have a lovely break with those days off. It sounds well deserved to me :)


Enjoy your days off! No housework, no wondering what to cook every day ... perfect!


OOOOO loving your Dec Journal. Enjoy your time together this week x


Beautifully done. Enjoy the spa!

kate Adderley

hi Alexa, love your little book, is it going to be similar to december daily ? hope your having a great relax with your DH, also love the sound of your Simple Moment idea, have loved reading them, l might even join in next year.

kate Adderley

Hi Alexa, thanks for your lovely comment, always grateful that you keep looking at my blog, thanks for the bit about being youthful, at 48 l dont always feel it, about december daily, yes l will be doing it, l have brought the 6x8 simple stories snap plastic pockets, but havent been able to get the album that goes with them, so lm just going to add the pockets into my PL album, and showing the pages weekly with my PL pages, l would have loved to join in this year with your A simple moment, but with mums suprise 70th this weekend, still trying to finish her life album and then december daily and the big "c" quickly coming way to fast, there seems to be no time, have been looking at all the other girls moments and wondering if l can write a story as nice as them all, but would really love to give it a go, so here's looking forward to 2013, have a great week.

Missus Wookie

Oh that week with DH sounds delightful - isn't it odd how the not having to worry about cooking just grazing is such a treat? Was glad to come home and eat properly though :)

Gorgeous gilded covers, the photo collage is lovely too - such nice angles and details.


Have a lovely week Alexa..it sounds very relaxing..Your album looks really lovely!!
Alison xx


I was so delighted that you mentioned Stir About Sunday, I know it as Stir Up Sunday. So few people here in Canada know about this "church" celebration. I celebrate every year with making my Christmas cake and remember my Mom & Grandmother and do a stir for them.


Hello Mary-Lou and thank-you for visiting my blog today - it was lovely to read your experience of Stir Up Sunday, and I was particularly touched when you mentioned adding a stir for your Mom and Grandmother. My Mum died earlier this year, and putting a stir in for her will be something I will now do every year, starting this Sunday. Thank-you for that lovely idea and I will always remember on that day too that it was you who gave it to me. :)


Thinking of you Alexa - I too am having real difficulty with the C word - but I am trying I promise - I have committed to Shimelle's JYC and am hoping friends old and new will help me through this most difficult of Decembers- and am loving the look of your December Days album. J xx

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