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Thursday, 29 November 2012


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Oh I hope that your c word is for cane .............. I would go with colour sorting and do on a bright sunny day. Experience tells me that black, blue and brown can sometimes be thought as the same colour when using only the room's overhead light on a dark and stormy night.


Oh Alexa, that is not good at all - despite your best intentions. The whole organising by colour or type has been something I have worked through a few times - when a paper scrapper of course. In the end I had so few supplies it was hardly worth the bother - but I did have all cardstock organised by colour, patterned paper by manufacturer and embellishments sorted by type - ie, all brads in together.

Digitally I find sorting by designer to be the more effective for me - I find designers all seem to have a certain look and I know which feel and look I want for certain pages - it works for me ... and I have many more digital products than I ever had in real life paper ones.

Many years ago Simple Scrapbooks magazine published a book called The Organised and Inspired Scrapper - it went through the whole process and I followed along. What made it useful was how they got me thinking about how I scrap and what I would need close at hand etc. Now, I'd send over the book - but it is the one I can't find after all the unpacking of boxes - if it turns up I'll let you know.

Take care and look after your back, I hope you have some relief soon.


I have never found a way of organising my scrapping supplies that works well for me, but then I am a fairly sporadic scrapper. Having no permanent workspace means the effort of getting it all out is often enough to put me off starting!
PS I can highly recommend Robin McKenzie's book (for your back pain, not your supplies organisation) which has given me and various friends and family members much needed relief.


Lovely to see your craft space and I do hope that your back sorts itself out very soon.


I'm afraid I can't help you with your organising dilemma, I would generally say see how it goes and do something about it if it becomes a problem. I suppose colour sorting isn't on the cards anyway until your back recovers as it's not really a job that would be easily tackled when your are extremely vertical or horizontal. I hope you recover quickly, a bad back is never pleasant, although I am fortunate not to have experienced any serious back pain, but the small and occasional episodes are enough for me to feel great sympathy for those who do.

Jacky S

Like you I do sort all my card by colour....but papers tend to be sorted by collection or manufacturer as they then all work together.....buttons are sorted by colour.....and everything else tends to be in a jumble!!!!
Though I do have a sort of semblance of order with the brads.....they are all kept in a Craft Makes bag that holds six containers.....each container having 10 compartments.....and the brads are then sorted by colour for plain ones....and shapes for decorative ones....in fact, of all my embellishments....they are the easiest to find what I want.
Now if you have any suggestions for the successful storage of ribbon, I'd be very grateful!
Here's hoping the back quickly improves.


ummm.....my supplies are fairly small so organising by colour wouldn't work for me - hope it works for you.

Feeling your back pain (i had a procedure on my hip on Monday and like you i am really uncomfortable!). Hope it improves soon for you x


Oh there is nothing worse than a sore back. I hope it's on the mend soon.

You have done a great job of sorting though. I can never maintain tidy unfortunately. I think I have a natural clutter level and it just reasserts itself over time lol. I have to admit to liking a look at other peoples storage ideas for their creative spaces it's a bit like looking at home magazines.

As for brads I have them mostly by colour as well as themes i.e the C word in a small fishing tackle box with compartments. I do keep my really posh ones on their cards in another tackle box though and then promptly forget about them.


Gentle hugs for you and your back - hope it improves soon.
My brads (and eyelets) are in a plastic craft box with 5 compartments (green, yellow/orange, red/pink, purple/blue, black/white/brown) by 3 compartments (brads, 1/8 eyelets, 3/8 eyelets) and the teeeeeeeny eyelets from MM have stayed in their original containers. Your craft space looks very neat and tidy - well done!


Well, I hope your back is better soon. At least the tidy-up was good for your soul, right? I organize mostly by type and then do some sorting by color of little bits like brads, eyelets and the such. But to be truthful, the compartmentalizing of them by color just means they take up more storage room. I'm afraid for a period of my past (my own blush of shame coming now) I bought more storage containers than one should need unless one is a retail establishment. So I suggest not sorting by color unless it is something you will use a lot and therefore you want to find very quickly - for those things you use just once in a while - it is worth the saved time now and space now to look for them among the others in the future. Does that make any sense?


commisserations on your back. I have my embellishments sorted into 3 colour groups because that is how I tend to work and it helps on the issue of deciding where to put multi colour items - my 3 are blue/green; orange/brown/red/purple; black and white.


So sorry to hear about the back Alexa - as a fellow sufferer of a "bad back" on occasion I hope you are soon on the mend. I love your re organised space - even thouhg you are now paying for it - I sort my card and ribbons by colour and paper by manufacturer as that works for me best. Embellishments are all mixed together in two deep drawers - brads - I don't have a system - and like you am more than ready for the best way to organise them! Take care. J xx


Very sorry to read about the back :(

Your space looks wonderful. we have some of those Ivar cupboards , and I'm constantly amazed by how much can be fitted in. I do have brads and buttons sorted by colour in little Ikea glass jars, but when it has got to the point of not using one rather than go to the trouble of tipping the jar out to find it..I need a new system! Best of luck with your organising


I feel - literally - your pain! I've been experiencing the same , exact, for a couple weeks now...comes precisely from moving stuff and pieces of furniture as my rooms have been painted and I've been "reorganizing." Will we ever learn!

As for the brads: I keep mine all together. Those that are in separate containers, purchased that way, by color, stay that way. Those that are a jumble, hodge-podge, also stay that way, in their own container. All are in one box, along with other misc embellies. I find it easy enough to dump them out to pick color/s I need if I plan to use.

Your studio area looks great. Happy Dec Days memory making and keeping...and watch that back!



I'm right there with you on the sort back and not sitting comfortably, although mine is due to a fibro flare rather than cleaning. Your space certainly looks nice and tidy now! As for sorting - think about how you scrap, how you look for embellies... do you say to yourself, I want something blue and then go looking through all your blue stuff? Or do you say to yourself, I'd love to add a brad here and then go through brads looking for one that will fit the layout regardless of color? The best organization system is the one that fits the way YOU scrap!

Paul B

Sorry to hear about your back. As a fellow sufferer I can sympathise with the woe it causes. And I'm sat here looking at your photos with complete and utter envy. When I see them and then turn around to look at my own cluttered untidy space, I realise I need an Alexa in my life to help bring some order to it :) You don't happen to know where I can find one locally? Take care of your back. Sending hugs. Pxx

Karen Walker

I hope your back is better soon! I see a chiropractor every month, and it's helped tremendously in keeping me from too many problems. Nonetheless, these kind of things still do happen.

Your cupboards are beautiful. I organized by color quite a few years ago, but earlier this year redid everything since it's not how I search. Now I have buttons in one spot, tags in another, embellishments in two drawers . . . It's not perfect, but it seems to work better for me.

Missus Wookie

Hope you feel better soon - I've been having PT for my back for the last few months. Tis better than it was but still empathise with you sadly :(

Yep, I do the colour sorting - for most things, some things are by type. Depends if I look for them with 'hmm this needs something red' (flowers, buttons, die cuts, twine etc) or "hmm this needs a brad", with a couple of themes or kits as well.

Really liked those seagrass baskets at Ikea, didn't go for them in the end - but do like having my stuff hidden away. Not paper tho' didn't like paper in things where I had to take it out to flip through. Nice desk set up - always nice to see another Mac :)

You mentioned not realising we might be moving - contract discussions continue, otherwise we're out at the end of May 2014.


What a bummer about your back! I organize by color and love it. I do have my brads & eyelets sorted by color, too. I keep them in little baggies.


Love the little hutch with the computer monitor! Great!


Oh, I hope by now you are mobile? Sorting? now that's a clever concept.....

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