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Thursday, 04 October 2012


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She's fabulous :) I'm feeling a bit 'good grief' myself today!


This is fabulous! Love..love..love her! A perfect way to end my day!

Cheri Andrews

I LOVE THIS!!! You seriously need to make prints now and mail them out because this is just too good to keep to yourself... and your drawing skills are fabulous!


This is really awesome! I might give it a try.

Julie Kirk

It's fabulous. She definitely needs to be in a journal or a frame or a line of greeting cards!

And don't worry about keeping up ... fortunately months and numbers are in plentiful supply ... there'll be more whenever you're ready! xx

Paul B

Brilliant!!!! I love this bird. The artist in you sure is blossoming! Such talent!!! And thanks for the link, I've had a quick scan and I've saved it to look at later as it seems that it's worth a browse with a cuppa.

Paul B

Oops, I pressed return before signing off....so here goes....Pxx


That's a great drawing, and so colourful. The sentiment is spot on. Procrastination is definitely MY thief of time! There is a market for your wonderful drawing...


Love it! I definitely need a print of that Alexa, being the queen of procrastination myself!

Karen Walker

Your drawing is fabulous, and I am envious! I'm hoping to get to my first sketching class this week, but I have no hopes that I'll ever produce something as charming (yes, I think it is) as this. This guy (gal) brought a smile to my face---nice way to start the day, and I totally relate to the message.


Wonderful! You are so talented in so many ways..


You have multi talents, Alexa. Love this Cranky Bird. And I relate to the sentiment very well!

Jen Hart

Yes, she would be apt on my noticeboard, I rarely deliver a deadline unless it is upon me. It is an excellent drawing :)


Love the drawing...and the 'havering' reference!
Alison xx


Oh yes...changing my mind about a project, and especially getting started, is well -known to me., too! In fact, I have one on the table currently. Does your bird make house calls? I could use a visit ...



LOVE her expression and her colors! I too missed my Month in Numbers for the first time in a year!


oh alexa, she is gorgeous. I think Julie has the right idea..your very own line of greeting cards! x

Jennifer Grace

Ha, this is great, I should print it out and look at it when I've spent too many hours looking at inspiration and not enough time actually making anything! x


Fabulous, I came across cranky birds just a few days ago, I am besotted with Carla Sonheim's imaginary animals and have set myself off on a completely different journey. Hope to blog about it tomorrow. x


What a wonderful bird! You are so talented :-)


This is fabulous - now, get on with it won't you! LOL


Me too, Miriam! I have both Carla's books on order and am eagerly awaiting their release :). I've also just discovered her Drawing Lab in the last week, and I just want to draw all day long!


Wonderful, a journal, a series of cards, heck, a set of rubber stamps Alexa, just do it! You're amazing!


Love her frown and the exasperated eyes--and I'm confident both you and she will get past your current standstill.

Andy Lean

Your bird has made me giggle tonight! This is my sense of humour to the t. I really look forward to visiting the site. Thank you! Andy

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