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Saturday, 20 October 2012


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Exactly!! This page sings because of the subject that is so close to your heart. I love the record of your dialog. Very moving. I hope those words accompany this photo somewhere.


This is so beautifully written (and illustrated). Thank you for sharing it. In a wonderful coincidence, I just wrote about the bouquets my mother used to make with roses from her garden!

Jen Hart

Beautiful Alexa, your feelings just jump off the page and that posy is exquisite.

Paul B

A simple posy indeed and one with a bounty of glorious colour and from your inclusion of Rosemary, has a wonderful scent too. A feast for the senses. Gorgeous photograph, beautifully cropped. Pxx

Karen Walker

A beautiful bouquet and a beautifully written post! I might not have made the connection you did, but it is right on and one I will remember.


Beautifully written Alexa!
Alison xx

Jacky S

Such a beautiful post,Alexa....it brought a tear this morning because it reminded me that when my mum died my son [aged 20] went to her garden to pick a posy of greenery and the few spring flowers there were because "gran will love them".


I love the conversations you have with Himself -really makes your personalities shine through. And the bouquet is beautiful!


Simple but beautiful :)


Wow :) That's my short, but very complete, reaction to your beautiful post and photograph xx


It's just beautiful!


simply beautiful, writing, memories and flowers.


Hi Alexa :) That is a most beautiful photo and description. I can see you must be enjoying your camera :)
PS - I just posted a "simply a moment"! I used your template and found it quite helpful. Thanks!


Beautiful . . . flowers, writing, & the act of remembering & honoring her!



Missus Wookie

Beautiful - was thinking rosemary for remembrance yesterday so this brought tears to my eyes. Glad you collected a posy for her.

Lovely basket and photo too.


Lovely flowers, Alexa - and lovely thoughts to share too.
I like to sit on the hillside, at St.James' church, where my Dad, Grandma, Aunt and her husband all are. It sits on the side of a long, Cotswold valley, with green hills all around. You can see the village at the bottom of the hill, but mostly it's just hills, sky and greenery all around. It's a comforting place to be. I took some flowers in a pot, last time I was there. They looked so cheery and bright.
Though nothing can beat a hand-tied posy from your own garden - it's so much more personal and special.

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