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Thursday, 25 October 2012


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Love the pattern of the bridge in the photo,too.

Paul B

Very deep thoughts Alexa :) All set out in your beautiful signature style. Hope your questioning mind helps lift the mist soon and that there's some clarity coming. Personally, I love to find out where bridges go on walks :) Adventures don't have to be grand scale, jumping off mountains, events. They can be just following a path when you don't know what's at the end of it. That's the kind of adventure I love.

Great photo of you peering into the distance. Works well with the soft, faded edges. Pxx


It's so true that text can add far more to a page than just the words themselves! But these words are moving, intriguing and beautiful xx


we all have different styles and I love seeing yours! That is such a wistful photograph and the text makes me want to ask questions about what happened next and if it all worked out?? xxx

Karen Cass

fabulous photo.Where did you go from there I am wondering?

Jacky S

I love how you've managed to make Shimelle's prompt your own,Alexa. And what a wonderful photo.


It's very current, so nowhere yet ...


Hello and lovely to see you! I wish I knew the answers to your questions - this is right now, so perhaps in a while we'll both know. :)


My curiosity would get the better of me - I'd walk that bridge just to see where it leads. Hope the fog lifts for you soon!


It's an amazing photo!

We have been watching some of the rickety bridges the lorries are driving over in the latest series of Ice Road Truckers ..before that I might have agreed with Cheri about daring to go over and see what was on the other side


Amazing page, Alexa, both the photo and the patterned text. I would have hesitated like you before deciding whether or not to go see - all the time wishing I had binoculars to scope it out from a safe footing.


Love this layout - the bridge makes a wonderful pattern of its own.

Karen Walker

Stunning photo and page! I'm off to get on the Blurb book. If I don't get to it in 2012, making a Blurb book is definitely a 2013 goal.


Oh, Alexa, I was wondering when you started off mentioning Shimelle's class how it would work with your style! :>) I love your simple style and wonderful stories . . . but I'll be watching for some stripes or dots or flowers soon (just a little will do!).

Missus Wookie

I like the fonts and typography - the red flowing text 'possibly', is a lovely sub title or empahsis.

Hope you find a way forward soon, "go boldly in the directions of your dreams...."

your comment on cared for bridges reminded me of this one - posted by another friend today:



I love the mix of text for the title and the way your photo fades into the white space. Great photo of you too.


Love how you've responded to Shimelle's prompt and still kept your own style Alexa!
Alison xx


Very poetic! and I agree, text can be a strong pattern as well!


Beautiful photo, poignant reflection and ponderance. Walk your bridge, when the time comes, it will be OK. I did it, as you know, and there were no trolls.


Me again, er, I did seem to forget who I was on the way down those rickety slats, and I know you know it's me, but I have to tell you anyway, that last comment was Eleanor.


I agree with Jacky's comment and although I am really enjoying Shimelle's class, it took a bit of time to work through the one I completed last night. I like how you blended the photo (not sure if that is the right term in PS).


It's good to do courses and go to workshops for ideas, but creating your own unique style is special and I think you have achieved that Alexa. I love your layout and the thoughtful pose. Your words are poignant and life is about uncertainty. I hope the way forward is more clear for you soon, but for now, take time to be kind to yourself.


The contemplation and reflection in both journaling and picture are cause to stop and pause. Thank you. Coincidentally, I just printed the journaling of a layout about my daughter and contemplation. That bridge looks like one we walked on/beside, as allowed, in Wales!


I'm always in awe and amazement as to what you do with your templates. THis one - in particular - with the soft fading in is quite special.


This is lovely. I wish I could gett he hang of digi, but i just can't 'see' it like i can with paper and scissors


This is fabulous - not only beautiful but searingly honest. I love this cross between scrapping and journalling! Maybe its a new art form ....


Gorgeous - I'd far rather contemplate some coloured text (especially as thought-filled as this) than be distracted by patterns.

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