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Wednesday, 17 October 2012


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Wow! The maple is absolutely stunning Alexa - I love it when the captured digital images correctly convey the true colour of an object or landscape. Funnily enough, I have found orange is a colour which often appears true to life - I wonder why?

Jacky S

The maple is truly stunning....what a wonderful view....and colours....to sit and look at through your door.

Paul B

Beautiful, opulently coloured photo Alexa. You're right, that is a magnificent colour of maple leaf. Your journaling is as beautifully detailed & interesting as always. As you can tell from my entries for your challenge, i'm totally inspired by your style of writing. As I put pen to paper, I'm usually thinking to myself, "how would Alexa approach this?". Hope we see your decorated pumpkin in a future blog post :) Px


Your writing and photo are so inspiring Alexa. I am positive you will be exactly what others need. My simple moment is ready to go and has similar feelings but not so eloquently put. x Oh and what amazing colours the maple has.


As always your writing is so evocative. The colours in that photo are incredible-makes me wonder even more what is wrong with my camera.


I bet you spend many moments admiring your maple tree! I knwo I would:) A really lovely moment.


Autumn is amazing isn't it - I was worried at the end of September that it wsn't coming, but a couple of cold snaps and the vibrant colours are here to warm us all.


Yes, it certainly is! It's an all round beautiful page


Lovely autumnal blaze of colour for you gaze upon from your door. Your writing makes me feel I am sitting companionably with you as those thoughts and actions swirl around. You could never be thin and insubstantial Alexa, your caring voice always sings through your blog and pages.
I blogged my Simply a Moment on Monday. So happy to be joining in with you.


great photo and your thoughts are so warm and calm and inviting. I still need to find my "moment".


That maple tree is truly stunning!
I've shared my moment here: http://suburbansahm.blogspot.co.uk/2012/10/this-moment.html

Jen Hart

That is beautiful, the writing and the maple.


Beautiful, Alexa - the photo, and the journaling :) I've actually managed to jot down a few notes for a 'moment' just half an hour ago, and will look at writing them up later. Thanks for the inspiration! x


You're welcome, Mel, and hope you really enjoy the process of writing it up ...


as the others have said a wonderful view full of life and rich colour. A beautiful moment alexa x


We don't get much of a change in leaf colour here...only the grape vines and it will probably be another few weeks before that happens...I really enjoyed that part of being in Scotland last week...a lovely moment Alexa
Alison xx


I love your use of color in your moment. I'm going to do mine soon.


Goegoes maple tree. I love this 'moment' idea. Will se what I can come up with


The tree is beautiful what a treat to have it right outside your door. The decorated pumpkin sounds interesting. I've really enjoyed reading about your moment as always a really engaging bit of writing.........I wish I had only half of your talent for writing.

Missus Wookie

Gorgeous moment and maple, I've planted one here and it sulks rather. Added it to my list for 'next garden', the colours is something I exult in every year a last glorious show before the grey of winter. Thank you for the reminder - didn't do anything with last month's will try and do something with today's.


Oh wow, gorgeous tree. Your story is amazing. I would join you if I could tell a story like this...


That maple is truly spectacular. I love this idea of capturing a moment, but I am no writer! I will certainly pop round to read those that are though :o)


That maple is sublime! And so enjoyed reading your moment...mine's on the drawing board...stay tuned.


Yes stunning is a good choice word to describe the maple! I now have a "burning bush" in the corner of my garden (I think that's what it is called!) and it has red leaves, I cant' wait for it to grow bigger! It's been so nice to read everyone's moment. I still haven't done one yet, but hope to make time soon!


I just posted my October moment here:
Thanks so much for posting this meme. I love the push to look within and work on my writing. I'll keep looking for a linky.

Karen Walker

We planted a new maple tree last fall after it had lost its leaves. My hope was that it would be the color in your photo, and although it is a lovely red it is not as brilliant as we were led to believe it would be. Your writing is as beautiful as the maple!


Loved your post. I may be joining in too. I'll check back and see when you get your linky. Wonderful and very interesting. I come via Rinda's blog.


I've just posted my moment at:


Alison xx


Beautiful writing Alexa. The maple really is beautiful and I have one as red on my patio. They are cheering, aren't they?
I am sure you were what others needed, and it's also important to remember that you shouldn't be too hard on yourself, you. Go gently... and as vibrantly as your maple!


I've just posted my moment :-)love your writing


Gorgeous photo and great writing... I have been thinking about moments and the details at a certain time but it hasn't made it to the paper (or keyboard)...


That Acer is stupendous!
I have had a moment too, here is where


I did mine on Wednesday, didn't think to link it up (I'll remember next time!)


Mine is here: http://www.ispeakmelsh.co.uk/2012/10/moment-ous.html :)


Hi. I love your moment and the colours on that tree. i have posted my moment here.. http://creatingpaperdreams.blogspot.co.uk/2012/10/simply-moment.html

Sorry it's so late!


Better late than never... I had my "moment" this morning and have already scrapped and posted it on my blog - here: http://cheriandrews.blogspot.com/2012/10/a-simple-moment.html

Loved your moment and your tree. Our dwarf Japanese cut leaf maple isn't giving us much color this year. Leaves are dying and falling off before even going red.

Jen Hart

Hello again, I have finally joined in:


I enjoyed it, I will look forward to doing it next month.

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