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Monday, 29 October 2012


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That's brilliant - we actually have an Angry Birds game with little plastic pieces and a catapult, but this is much better! Love the layout, too, and the way you made the class ideas work for you and your style xx


Beautiful page, so unlike you, but exactly you. Thanks for your words x


This is so so well done Alexa! I love it!!! Love the colors, the paint, the doodling, the story! How amazing are those caterpillars? Wonderful!


I always like to see your digital pages Alexa, but I love it when you bring your own special style to paper layouts. The doodling is awesome. How great is your grandson's version of the game. Very inventive. If you fancy a project, there is another home made game here. http://homemadebeautiesbyheidi.blogspot.co.uk/2011/10/day-2-of-bird-day-week-angry-birds-can.html


I have to confess to knowing nothing about 'Angry Birds', but it looks like fun...and it's a great LO!
Alison xx


Great idea for the garden. I love the doodling and the quirky little caterpillars around the edge. Your right about recording a warm memory at this time of year.

Paul B

Fun LO Alexa. Especially like how you've doodled off the patterned paper onto your white card. Love how you're sneaking these artistic touches into your designs :) Pxx


Love to see your paper LOs......and this one does not disappoint!


Love the story & the page, fab :)


I love your grandson's inventiveness and your enthusiasm to play along. That's what childhood memories are all about.
Your page is just beautiful, Alexa. The colours and the way you layered the circle around the photo. I also love your doodling and painting, it is the personal touch that makes your page unique. As always, I am inspired and admiring your multi-talent.

Jacky S

A wonderful paper page,Alexa.....again you have been so inventive with Shimelle's prompt....obviously the inventiveness is hereditary!!

Debbie Piercey

What an absolutely amazing photo and story behind it! He is so cute and smart! Love your layout! Isn't Shimelle's class the best??!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment. :)


Fabulous story (and layout).


Delightful page! I especially love your doodling - the little caterpillar on the leaf where you've written the date - gorgeous!!!


great story - seems to have inherited creativity.


What a creative little boy. And what a treat to see you scrap in paper. I just love the doodling and the Polaroid type photo.


Oh what fun - what a lovely Grandma you are! Such a great layout to capture the memory too.


A beautifully presented page to show the story. I love how you have used the colours from the patterned paper for the background painterly effect.
Thank you for your comments re our baby. Very much appreciated. She is lovely!


I echo too, all of the above comments! Fantastic layout and so-o-o interesting and inviting. I do admire your digital pages immensely but I have to give this one a triple five star rating. Just superb and a treasured story for decades to come. Many thanks for sharing.



It's so lovely! The page and the story and the thought behind it.

Andy Lean

What a fantastic page! I really like the idea of an angry bird game. I may steal this idea to play with my niece and nephew! Andy

Missus Wookie

Oh love the arty way you've presented this - the curve of ivy is lovely. The paper with vines and caterpillars is lovely - what a great memory to capture too!


Bless him! What a sweetie. I love his creativity and yours- such beautiful colours on this page. x


WOW - you constantly surprise me with just how brilliantly creative you are ... paper AND paint AND layers AND doodling AND oodles and oodles of style! Love it!

Karen Walker

Not only do I love this layout (the torn papers are fabulous), but I love the layout of your blog post as well!


Your layout is beautiful Alexa :) I love your artistic touches. I have been enjoying looking at what others are doing for this class :)


What an inventive little fellow he is! I love the creativity and imagination at that age. Wonderful page, I had to check and make sure I was at the correct blog. Not your usual but still so very you. Fantastic how you took the leaves and continued them onto the background paper with your own doodle!


Oh, a paper page - how lovely. I loved hearing about your and his angry bird adventure. Of course, the torn paper took me a little by surprise, you must be enjoying Shimelle's Remix class.

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