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Wednesday, 10 October 2012


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Oooooh! Great design Alexa! I really like the circle photos! The books look interesting... You'll have to share more once you read them.


I second Nathalie! This design is wonderful. Your comment about your mum is so true; it's a journey that really never ends.


I was watching a TV travel/cooking show on Spain on Tuesday night and there is a bridge where they do the same thing .... for the life of me I cannot remember which city it was in!
Great design Alexa, great use of space and circles and the linear all at the same time.


Love the circles and the colors on this!

Julie Kirk

Oh Alexa, I wish I could squeeze your hand and put the kettle on.

I'm sure your surprise visitor raised your spirits - how lovely!

Thanks for finding a moment to record your numbers so beautifully and to share them with us. You're on the board now: http://pinterest.com/notesonpaper/my-month-in-numbers/

Thinking of you.

Julie :-)

p.s: I'm guessing you're not going to cut up your new books, so I think you can be forgiven on that front!

Paul B

Excellent LO, I love how you can come up with all those number related facts. I see you've bought the Drawing Lab book. i have it too and keep meaning to try the exercises within. Based on your Cranky Bird last week, this will be perfect. Pxx


as ever your eye for design is fabulous


The layout is really beautiful, but the story it tells is more beautiful still :)


I love what you've done with your design.
May I give you some advice? When my dad just 2 weeks after his cancer diagnosis, someone close to me said, "You'll never get over it, you'll learn to live with it". Seventeen years on, I remember that phrase and apply it to my life. Losing a parent, at whatever age you and they are, is agony and I believe that there is no right or wrong way to grieve. You grieve in whatever way gets you to the end of a day. Thinking of you.


the colour and design are perfect alexa and a lovely story this months numbers tell x


I love all the circles and I bought the Drawing Lab book for my son, although I may get to sneak a peek!


How well you have gathered in your numbers and displayed them so beautifully. I love the muted colours.
I think of you often. Sending you a cyber hug.


What a beautiful page. I'd be interested in learning more about the books once you have had a chance for a really good browse.

Time really does help. But it's a lot of time. Be kind to yourself and don't expect too much too soon x


I love the circles Alexa and the photographic depiction of your month in numbers!

Missus Wookie

Only 16 times? One of my kids' favourite tapes as small people was their grandparents reading to them. You could do that for when skype book reading times aren't possible. :)

I like the combination of circles against the blocks of text and colour borders.

As for the four months - yeah it is a long journey, there are times that January seems yesterday and other times it seems much longer ago. I'd be another for the cuppa and a chat - I'd love to hear all about the linens!


Wat a wonderful page you've done for your numbers. 36 years later I still find I still miss her - things will improve but she will always be there.

Jen Hart

Beautiful page Alexa, I too like the spaced stripes. There is something comforting about reading the same book over and over at the same time as it being exasperating. Six months tomorrow since losing my brother, it has been looming, not really important, but still so. It seems like no time and then it feels like a while since I spoke to him. It's very hard, I have no words of advice i'm afraid, it just seems to be something that travels along beside me, I thought it would be something you 'get over' but it isn't really. Thinking of you.


Fabulous page! Love the little glimpse into your life - I too wish I could sit and chat with you over a cuppa!


Beautiful Lo Alexa. The ha'penny bridge in Dublin has those locks on..


That's a lovely page, Alexa, I love the idea of the padlocks.
Mention of your Mum touched me. I still think of my Dad most days but as time passed this became a little less painful. I hope it will be the same for you when you think of your Mum.

Katie B

Lovely layout as always. I lost my dad 4 months ago. It truly is a long journey.


Great idea! I must try this!


Great idea for a layout. And I spy a book I have in the lower right - drawing lab. I do like their books - I want to get a hold of more of them!


Thats a great page - subtle coloring to match the photos too. :)


What a fab page - lovely snippets and great design

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