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Monday, 15 October 2012


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Alexa, you don't strike me the sort to gather all that much flab! I like the ordinary things in life, they somehow feel settling and secure ... have just finished recording my moment - it's very ordinary!


Another fantastic post format! I might have to give it a try one day! I might also try recording a moment... Thank you for the great bedtime read ;)


I love the format of this post and those woodblock letters. The 12th of July is a pretty important day around here too, being my son's birthday :o)

Paul B

Where do you get your inspiration from? What a fun idea, Don't envy you having to go to the dentist. I arrange for Nick to take me, it's the only way I can ensure I won't back out lol. Px


love the letter blocks and this new way of presenting Monday musings

Jacky S

Yes, this is a great new format.
I'm afraid the dentist is my least favourite 'have to go there' thing....but I always do go....just in case I get 'removed from the list'!!


What a great post. Love how you come up with something new and inspiring for a Monday morning. Those woodblocks are unique and their words so varied. Wish I also had tips on persistent diary/journal taking. I have periods when it comes so easily and others when I find it difficult to take up my pen again. I am remembering to record my Simply a Moment on the 15th. It's a start!


I like how you've laid this post out and I shall certainly be thinking about recording my moment.


No, you don't strike me as a flab gatherer! Sneaks up on one, mind you, this I know! Beautiful photo


What lovely hills :) I need to make an appointment with my dentist, but I'm putting it off because they're on the upper floor of a building with no lift, and I can't manage their stairs while I'm on crutches. A good excuse I feel! ;)


I really like this approach to journaling Monday.


Yes another admirer of this approach to Monday. I wish I was up in those hills and thanks for the reminder for Simply a moment.
I am going to do it right now. x

Karen Walker

I'd like a few pointers on decorated journals myself! I recently purchased a couple of books with ideas, but am slow to get going. Just completed my visit with the dentist, and got the clear for another six months. I'm always relieved; as a child I had terrible teeth and frequently needed fillings.


a lovely set out post alexa - I do like how you've put your photo together too x


Love the way you've set this out Alexa....and I shall think about my moment tomorrow, when my brain might be back in gear!!..had a 5am start this morning :(
Alison xx

Paul B

I've been super efficient and done mine already. I'm not trying to earn extra brownie points. It's more that if I don't do it now, it might not be done at all. i'm going with the flow whilst I have it :) Hope you like. Pxx



Ditto Amy!
I love the thoughts of Pinkola Estes, I've read a few times that finishing is just about starting and staying with it. Easier said than done sometimes but something worth practicing.


I was supposed to have a haircut today but now delayed until later in the week. I also had one of those funny automated messages recently for an appointment. Good luck with the bike :)


You astound me with your creative blogging Alexa - another beautifully presented, beautifully written post. Good luck with the bike riding!


Love the Monday Musings...so clever and different and inspiring. Can't imagine any flab on you but love your description of climbing the incline. Carry on...


Missus Wookie

Love those letters - how pretty. Oh and the wide open spaces and blue skies look lovely - thank you for sharing. Missed this post this morning, did actually pause and write my journaling this morning I'll nab the pdf and maybe actually put the two together...

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