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Monday, 22 October 2012


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I enjoy your Monday musings and I tried to write one down last night... found the process way harder than you make it look and gave up!!! Have a great week!


really laughed at your birds - hope your week gets better

Paul B

Oh dear, doesn't sound like a great start to the week. Well the only way from here is up, as they say :) Love your cranky birds - very comical and wondrous. Hope your week turns out better than expected :) Pxx

Jen Hart

I love those cranky birds...I think you have a line there.
I hope the meetings go ok and that you are treated well through it. I am away for work this week in the other shoes and holding the meetings. I am stressed out about it already and fortunately my brief is to look after the staff's welfare and ensure they are treated fairly. It will still be a most unpleasant week I am sure.

I hope it goes better than expected...

Jacky S

Love those cranky birds.....I know just how the deadline bird feels!!!!
Hope your week improves.


That's not good news about your work, but glad you could still pop in here and entertain us all. Love those birds, I'll be thinking of them next time I'm feeling cantankerous.


You sound perfectly amiable to me - especially given that it's Monday morning :)

I believe ther is pumpkin painting on the agenda at Guides tonight. I wonder what they're going to use? Especially given that she is going dressed in my precious old relic of a shirt as a "Time Travelling Guide". Mmm..


You have quite a lot going on in your world right now! I'm signed up for Shimelle's class, too, but won't be able to do much until at least next week. :(


So sorry to hear about the work situation, all the best with that xx

lol at the pumpkin story!! And I'm loving Downton Abbey too, just watched last night's episode :)


Bummer about the job Alexa... The cranky birds are delightfully cranky. Have fun with Shimelle's class!


Those cranky birds are wonderful.....hope your week has some unexpected good moments too!
Alison xx


Just another manic Monday ... so I missed this post yesterday! Love the cranky birds and the lettering. ENJOY the class, I'm sure you will make it your own.


Oh I love the birds! Sorry to hear about your work, I hope it will be resolved soon. Big, no Huge, Downton Fan.


Now I can't get that tune out of my head... manic Monday most certainly. Sorry to hear about the work difficulties. Not an easy time for you.
You will have to go awol more often with your painting. They are a delightful pair of birds.


Love the birds. It's rubbish about your work hopefully the new door is waiting for you out there. I'm late to the Downtown party as well so the boxset is waiting at home as finding reruns wasn't that easy.


Love the way you have done this one and the birds are fantastic. Sorry to hear about the job, hope the week improves as it goes on.

Missus Wookie

Says something about my week that I'm reading this on Wednesday... So sorry to hear you too are facing unemployment - and much sooner than my long drawn out process. Hope the concomitant meetings are productive and that there are then more interesting opportunities appearing shortly.

Also, love the birds. Several of my different social circles are all excited about Downton Abbey, fun to hear about it from so many places.

Karen Walker

Sorry to hear about the change at work. Your cranky birds reflect the mood perfectly. I go to a Yogalates class nearly every week (the timing of the class is difficult), and just love it. A little yoga, a little Pilates; not too much of either. It's about what my 60+ body can handle.


Love the creative lettering for monday and ohmygosh I LOVE those birds!!! You could sell those babies :) I'm sorry your job will be ending, I can imagine that makes for a very unhappy workplace :(

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