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Sunday, 07 October 2012


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Oh, Alexa - am crying with you, the most beautiful appreciate tears, for the people we have both loved so very much and, unfortunately, lost.

Karen Walker

What a blessing to have that story written by your mother. You reminded me that I have a beautifully hand-embroidered tablecloth (white on white) that someone made for my mother as a wedding gift. It's organza, I think, and I've never had the courage to use it. I wish I knew more of the story.


What a wonderful treasure to find - a memory preserved on a tag (just like scrapbooking!).


It's with a tear in my eye that I open the comment box.... What a wonderful surprise amidst those gorgeous gorgeous linen pieces!!! All to be treasured (and passed on) for sure!


a lovely, lovely story Alexa :) and such a treasure...

Jen Hart

What a beautiful story Alexa. There is something extremely precious about a loved one's handwriting. That you hadn't seen it before and with a story attached is such a lovely 'extra'. Have a lovely week.


what a beautiful package - the embroidery is exquisite

Paul B

Beautiful story Alexa and dressing up a table is a perfect way to interpret the theme. Lovely photos of the tag and fabric too. Pxx


..and what a wonderful story it is too! How lovely - a dressed up table! The tag is very special indeed. My Grandma worked in a shirt factory in Belfast and I have other relations who sewed in a linen place not far from where I am now, but we don't have a beautiful collection of pieces to treasure. What a gift.


Such a poignantly moving post, Alexa. Dressing up comes in all guises. You have captured the real essence of your Mum and showed that everything she did was with thoughtfulness and love. And, how beautifully you have photographed that linen to share it with us. Thank you.

Jacky S

How lovely,Alexa.....and something to truly treasure. My mum also always had a 'well dressed' table.....and I remember her sitting embroidering tablecloths and serviettes....no paper napkins in her house!


And it's a story that brought tears to my eyes, too. Beautiful - thank you for sharing it with us! xx


Such a beautiful story and such a wonderful surprise for you to find.


That is a really beautiful story, thank you for sharing x


Beautiful. Both the linen and the tale to go with it. A few tears shed here when I read it earlier. Have returned to comment x

Julie Kirk

What an amazing way to uncover your family history. It's so interesting to see where your love of simple, beautiful things ... and story keeping comes from. x


How wonderful that you Mum had the foresight to add that tag! And now you know the story behind that piece of linen. I hope you do find a reason to use it!


What a wonderful find Alexa..and how great that your mum had the foresight to leave you a message about its origin!
Alison xx


a beautiful story alexa and how lovely of your mum to leave you a little note too. A piece to be treasured for many many more years x


total sweetness... and a gift of love... your capture and backstory are so special too... the memory is part of the journey...

Missus Wookie

Oh like so many that moved me to tears. I'm with your Mum - the best dressed table makes anything taste good. Do use it though and ensure its story is told, love the handwritten tag :happy sigh:


It's as if your grandmother and mother are each sending you a hug, knowing that you would appreciate the fine linen as well as the good wishes that came with it.


Joyous! The cloths, the story, the find. Made my heart swell and brought a smile to my face as I envisioned you, discovering the history and *gift* of that cloth. Return to it often for the comfort it gives. What a treasure.



beautifully written, how wonderful to find that treasure xxx


I have a lump in my throat, Alexa!
This is a wonderful story and how thoughtful of your Mum to leave a label for you to find. I imagine that the embroidery will be even more treasured now, and I love how your Mum made even the simple things special with her personal touches.


What a beautiful story. I have inherited lots of family linen, which I can't bear to part with, even though we don't use them much (if at all).
Thank your for sharing,

Suzanna L

Lovely! You have tears in my eyes Alexa... Crying with you, perhaps for you? What a wonderful series of memories.


Oh Alexa, what a wonderful story and treasure. When I came across my mothers handwriting after she had passed away it used to make her feel so close to me. So strange, so beautiful x


Belatedly catching up on Sunday Storytelling and I am so glad I made the effort to dog deep into my Reader. What a wonderful heart-warming tale and how great that your Mum is still surprising you!


"dog deep" LOL - of course I meant "dig deep" - darn my fat fingers!


I've just found this, strolling down from your Just a Moment, whioch I was sent to be Ruth (love the big wide world of the Blogosphere). What a lovely message from your Mum, meant to be found at exactly the moment you needed it

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