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Monday, 01 October 2012


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Jen Hart

I love the paint effect behind the photos. October already. It was surely July 10 minutes ago!


I like your last one! I should have added "hello memories of a great day crafting with friends" as well.


Hello Alexa. do you mean we never stop missing our offspring? Oh dear. I hoped it got easier with time.


Hello Alexa! Hello to Autumn - here in the South it's rainy and wet and cold, a real autumnal start to October! I love the LO, especially the lovely blue behind the photos:)


Hello Karen :). For me, it doesn't get any easier: though I'm getting better at coping with the missing!


Hello Linda! Unusually for us up here, we have some tentative watery sunshine this morning - hello (probably temporary!) north/south reversal :).

Paul B

Yes I say hello to car tax too and insurance etc this month, and VAT & business insurance. Horrible grown up stuff. And I'm afraid my cards this year are mostly bought. You're not alone so lift that head back up :) And if you're interested, I know that I've done an online course on the wacom tablet and can look up the details for you. Love the painterly background. Gorgeous blue colour. Have a great week! Pxx


Hello Alexa. What a smile you have given me on a very grey day in the South. Glad you had a lovely weekend. That's a lovely blue you have used for your layout.
Have a good week.

Jacky S

How can it be autumn?? Did I miss summer?? Or did it just not arrive this year!!
Love that blue paint wash as well.


I think we all miss the good times forever - and look forward to making new good times very soon.


I'm starting to suspect that missing them will not disappear..that university application form went off last week here!

A thoughtful selection, as enjoyable to read as ever

Karen Walker

Miss them? Always! I'm so excited that both of mine will be home at the same time in October--three weeks of anticipation and then Matt will be here for four days, and Sarah and Caleb for two whole weeks. Heaven! Love your layout. I must remember to record the simple pleasures.


Great list of Hellos! Hope you find that tax disc in the next few hours ...


if only i had the money and they did my size, i'd be leafing through the Boden catalogue too. It's also birthday central as lil sis is today, her partner is next week, my friend and her son are on the same day and as lady called Ruth too, hmm best get card sorting,
Jo xxx


Hope you've found that tax disc now and I look forward to seeing you soon. The kettle's on! Sorry I've been absent from your comments lately. I've been without my laptop and blog reading is not very satisfactory from my phone's tiny screen!


Oh, Alexa, love it!
I have decided, in the midst of my doldrums, that I need to start doing a few more purposeful 'Hello's' myself....there may be a blog post in there somewhere ;)
Love the lines about your daughter - and the page - sigh! Am just imagining when my Panch is old enough to be looking at clothes/shopping/talking about girly things - can't wait! (without, in any way, wishing away time - it is so so precious)....

Missus Wookie

I'm assured by my parents it doesn't go away - although they also appreciate their time alone.

Hello back - what a great list :)


Love this Alexa, I'm sharing the pile of ironing, and the hanging head. I too bought cards last month. There.... now I said it!


a lovely layout alexa, i dread the day mine leave home! x

Suzanna L

Hello Alexa {she waves from Virginia, US}!! The intent and purpose behind the hello's is wonderful; I can hear you waving and see the smile on your face. Rather like the one your daughter is wearing!


A great 'hello' list Alexa! My ironing basket seems to be related to yours lol!


I agree with you, the missing goes on, you just get used to dealing with it. I love the blue wash under your pictures.


A belated 'hello' to you too Alexa..I know what you mean about the missing of your girl!So looking forward to meeting you IRL!!!!
Alison xx


And hello to you Alexa. Love the take on your Hellos. Ironing basket ...eek! Thoroughly enjoyed the layout. She has a lovely smile. And thanks again for the shout-out.



I love reading this kind of posts... it should encourage me to give it a try... Your page is lovely and you used my favorite color :)


Lovely page, Alexa. I enjoy your Hello posts very much.

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