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Thursday, 27 September 2012


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Great layout - I like the simple look and those are precious photos! I used the sketch for inspiration, too, and my paper layout looks totally different (I have it set to post in the next day or so).


I just checked this sketch today and might also give it a try. You were faster than me though and your clean (and digital) interpretation is lovely! The splash of water across the page adds great movement and the photos are too much fun! They make want to jump in a puddle! :D


oh you naughty grandma you. Well that's why we have grandmas isn't it?

Paul B

Another beautiful LO. Fantastic use of the waterdrops going behind and in front of the photos. As always, you wow me with your focus on the details in life. Pxx

Jacky S

Just love what you came up with,Alexa....and love the added 'splash'.....kjjc is quite right,of course....what else are grandmas for!
By the way....the 'fur' on my card was added with Fun Flock....a wonderful invention.


So very very clever - clean and simple to look at but beautifully crafted! You're my kind of grandma!


Glad you had your camera at the ready to catch the splash. And, being a careful grandma, ensuring he was properly dressed. This is a wonderful take on the sketch and I love the painterly water effect.
Those moments people are recording are so precious, thanks.


It's absolutely beautiful! and it feels like a real privilege to see my page reinterpreted in your style which I admire so much. Thank you: that's a challenge conquered - and then some :)


So glad you liked it! :)

Paul B

Just come back from the local Post Office/Stationers and saw a new magazine which has just been launched. Its called The Simple Things, & the link to their blog is...


Not sure if it is of interest or not but thought i'd pass on just in case :)



Oh how great it is to be a grandma! When one is "dressed" for the occasion, might just as well take full advantage. Perfect interpretation of the sketch/challenge and a moment between grandma and grandson.



Ooooh so beautiful Alexa. Clean, simple and so you.

Karen Walker

Looks like a perfect interpretation of the sketch to me. I love seeing how differently one sketch is interpreted. This one's still on my "to do" list, but I think I'll get to it this weekend.

Missus Wookie

Ah I've done similar things so often - it's only water after all.

Love the simple look here. I've got notes for my September moment - just haven't done anything with it yet...


wellies and puddles...too much temptation for little ones! A beautiful layout alexa, love the movement and the simplicity of your page x


What a lovely interpretation of that sketch - cute photos!!


Fantastic interpretation of the sketch Alexa! Would have loved to have been a fly on the wall (or cloud?) as the little guy was sussing out the scene and that "should I" look that he surely had before the gay abandon in the puddle. I might play along today, thanks!

Andy Lean

Hi Alexa
You have brought a smile to my face with this posting; I remember jumping in puddles with my Granddad in the local park (When Mum and Nana was not looking!)
Fantastic post Andy


That's a lovely response to the challenge Alexa. I have some wonderful photos of my granddaughters in puddles, they make a great shot. As for puddles, I have been in north Yorkshire this week, somewhat rained on. We had to navigate lots of flooded roads and our tent and camper seemed to be exactly in the path of all the waterfalls and streams than ran off the local hill. Yes, we were wading and our tent is in the dining room right now in an attempt to dry it off before we pack away!


I love this layout! Love the simple look and the photos are wonderful - oh to be a child again!


This is an amazing page. The child thoroughly engaged in his task, the white space, the splashed water droplets, the rounded edges on the top right and bottom left photos--all perfectly in line with your style and with Sian's challenge.

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