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Tuesday, 25 September 2012


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Thanks for the shout out. It's really nice to focus on writing every now and then!

Missus Wookie

Alexa - thank you for that xylephone, such a gentle way to start the morning. The rest of the post spoke to me too, two 'e's in leaves will be pondered today...

Paul B

Such a gorgeous photo. Beautiful in both colour and detail. Must go and check those Simply A Moment links later today. Px


The glory that is nature never ceases to amaze me. You might have thought, given all the wet summer weather, those leaves would have endured enough and just dropped off the trees. But, no! Here they are, showing off all their magnificent colours. Thank you so much Alexa for writing this today. Food for thought as I go about my day.


ah to be scuffing through the leaves...............can we get a rain check on the rain?
jo x


Everything is still quite green (must be all that rain!) but I've started to notice the leaves turning.....and falling.


At this time of year I live for the leaves against the red brick all arounf the city. I love it!


I am not a fan of all those leaves falling down ( and having to be cleared away ) so I am enjoying the last bit of summer. I am more a spring kinda girl...so much hope and promise.


It's getting to that this time of year that reminds me of childhood where we used to spend hours building with the fallen leaves. lovely photo x

Jen Hart

Lovely post Alexa, your cup of tea in the morning, outside, gives you a great thought process, you notice. That is a great thing and gave us a nice read :) The changes of season after a bereavement give pause don't they. x


SO glad you're getting some sun! And I love the post -shout out notwithstanding; mucho thanks - lots to think about, those Es.


Karen Walker

Another beautiful, thoughtful post. I have very mixed feelings about autumn. I'm already missing the extra daylight that comes with summer. It seems to fade away so quickly in the fall. I love the bright colors of autumn, the cooler temperatures, the warm sweaters that have been pulled out of the attic . . . Nonetheless, autumn brings thoughts of winter, and I'm much less enthusiastic about that!


Lot's of thinky thoughts there Alexa... Love the fall or Autumn, my favorite season. It's creeping in here in Virginia. We went apple picking on Wednesday and I thought we'd see more leaves turning color but alas, not yet.

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