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Saturday, 15 September 2012


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Jen Hart

Oh thank you Alexa :) I am at work for the day so I cannot decide whether to do it there or when I get home this evening but I am looking forward to it. Your prompt is great, really will help to capture the detail. Have a good day.


Thanks for that Alexa...I had totally forgotten already!! have done mine right away
Alison xx


What wonderful inspiration - that could be my next journal page, and many more after that. Thank you!


Thanks Alexa x


I'm back. I had to smile - I lost my moment! Typed a comment and TSO turned on the hob which always results in our internet disappearing. So, the moment had gone..but here I am reclaiming it to cheer on your perfect plan

Paul B

I've made the rough notes for a moment in time today using your pdf as a download. Now need to write it up in full. Thx Alexa :) Pxx


What a fabulous idea! I'm a little late finding out about it but shall totally join in at some point over the next few days :) Thanks for the prompt, that will be very handy!


Hi Alexa :) I read your original post from the other day and I love that you are doing this. I took Ali's class, but only wrote a couple of the prompts and wish I had done more, but I have not forgotten how moving your 9:15 post was. Thank you for the pdf. I want to give this a go.


I'm done. I actually chose the 9.15am time frame too - not that I'll necessarily do that each time, but it worked this weekend. I love the immediacy of the journaling, thanks for prompting us Alexa.


There is a journal exercise like this, where you describe the room where you are. Start with the chair you're in and let the cicle widen with light, furniture, sounds, feelings etc. It's so cool, all journaling is awesome! :-)

Suzanna L

Oooh! I like this idea and will save the prompts for a time when I might actually spend a moment thinking rather than automating through life. Currently, the easier thing to do...

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