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Wednesday, 19 September 2012


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Jen Hart

Beautiful writing Alexa, I have so enjoyed it. You have absolutely captured a moment and the feelings around it.
I will join in at some point and I sincerely hope you will do this every month. Thank you.

Off to see Paul's contribution.


A serene page Alexa and a touching glimpse into your new triangular existence.

Karen Walker

I was away this weekend, so am catching up and am intrigued by your new project. Your writing is so clear and evocative! I've enjoyed all the posts.


You have the best ideas! I wonder if this will take off the same way that the "Height of Summer" will.


Your writing is so beautiful and eloquent and evocative and I just feel myself there in the moment with you. I've had an idea swirling around in my head about a moment last weekend... no notes or writing yet, but I think I can recall enough to make it clear. Need to get on it!


Me again. I wonder if you would be willing to share your template? I love it and see no point in reinventing the wheel when a perfect option is already available... pretty please???


I just love your writing! So evocative of your moment:)


Alexa I can only echo what will be the comment of many who drop by, your writing is beautiful to read and I am thankful that you share it with us. I am also really thankful that you have linked us to Paul, I have seen him comment so many times but have never visited his blog - I really enjoyed his moment!

Paul B

First of all thank you for the lovely mention Alexa & to the readers of your blog who've popped by and left such warm comments. i'm indeed touched and have a smile on my face this morning reading them.

Alexa, your page and your writing is superb. You are an expert at noting the details in life and poetically transferring them to paper. I like that you don't censure yourself either. The happy and the sad both intermingling and given equal attention. And I love the mask you've used around your photo. Pxx


I just love devouring every delicious word you write!


What wonderful writing. I do so enjoy reading your blog.


For a moment I felt as if I were there with you, you've described everything so well. A very touching post.


Just beautiful, Alexa :) I've emailed your 'prompt' to myself so next time I'm on the desktop computer I'll be able to print it off - no printer attached to my laptop, you see! - and then I'll have the physical reminder to record my own 'moment'. Thanks for giving me a deadline with your Linky, hope I meet it!!


Of course, Cheri - happy to. Will try and get it up for Friday for you, and glad it will be useful. Thank-you for your lovely comments!


Love your thoughts and writing Alexa and appreciate you sharing that inside info with us!


A few paragraphs, 250-300 words--not such a lot. And yet you've conveyed concern, grief, worry, and a sense of fun, all in just a few sentences. Well done!


thank you for such a wonderful idea! I have printed the cribsheet and I will have a go.


Excellent post and yes, beautiful writing. Very calming. Thanks Alexa. I came from Rinda's blog and actually will be sharing a post as well. Be back in a few to add my link and a big hello to all.


As always, beautifully written Alexa
Alison xx


hello Alexa :) I am catching up on your blog and wanted to say how beautifully written your moment in time is, and I love the photo you added :) I am off to read the others.

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