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Monday, 17 September 2012


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Sounds like an interesting article.

I loved the first issue of The Simple Things - I've been back over the photos time and time again to enjoy them and himself here definitely sneaked a peep. He liked the gardening pictures. I think it has a very scrapbook-y feel with Susannah Conway and the "Day in cups of tea" - now there's a blog post waiting to happen. I liked the article on Ghost Signs too - taking pictures of those round here is something I do already.

A nice post for a Monday!


What interesting conversations you have with himself. I am hoping for a little wardrobe mentality as I struggle on with Pugly Pixel's CSS course... there is probably a drawer marked 'lost html codes' somewhere.
It was an interesting exercise to record one minute on Saturday. Thank you Alexa for suggesting Simply a Moment.

Paul B

Love your template for generating your "moment". And yes I am in awe of how you capture conversations. I can't recall what I say with my OH at all. And thanks for the challenge, I found it very interesting and rewarding. Certainly felt different to concentrate on one moment in time. I've blogged mine this morning and i'm sure you'll come across it when you next go a hopping :) Pxx


i so laughed at this post, putting ur paper weight on a hanger does sound strange i'll admit.
jo xxx

Jen Hart

I love your story today, and interesting thoughts.
I enjoyed recording my moment too thank you. Hoping to scrap it this week too.


Your conversation is running very closely with something I have planned for later in the week - quite coincidental. Surprisingly, or perhaps by now I should say not so surprisingly, I made a template specifically for this project and it is stikingly similar to yours here today.
I must be wanting to journal at the moment because since Saturday I have wanted to document more moments, randomly placed throughout a day ... it also might mean that I am ready for my version of WITL to start!


Your set-up story is priceless ...can't wait to see the A Simple Moment layout or whatever.



LOL - certainly *food* for thought ;o)


Lovely! I love hearing about your conversations with himself too:) Interesting thoughts about memory making and retrieval. I did a neuroscience degree some years ago, and loved the 'memory' section.

Suzanna L

LOL!! Chocolate key ring fab! Now THAT would be delectable! But I might only find my keys for so long as the choc would be gone sooner rather than later!


Mmmm, chocolate... Sorry, got distracted there! Love the keyring idea but I might accidentally eat my keys.....


I'm catching up on commenting and just left a note on a post or two ago about how much I enjoy your conversation posts--and then I came across this one. It's always a treat to hear what's going on in your household.

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