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Wednesday, 12 September 2012


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It sounds like it was a wonderful week! Welcome Home!


Just lovely!


I have the Canon G11, it is outstanding and brilliant for close ups.

Good luck with the return to normality!

Paul B

Beautiful photo. Glad to hear you've had a wonderful time with your family :) Sorry to hear about your camera. You're the second friend I know who's been on holiday in the last week and had camera failure. I wonder who'll be the fated third? I use a Ricoh but couldn't tell you if it was best for close ups. Pxx


Welcome home, I love the photo, it says so much about your relationship.


Great photo - says much more than the other way around! Welcome home :o)

Karen Walker

Welcome home! Isn't time with family the best? I love my P&S (Canon S95), but I think Amy's suggestion would be better for close-ups.


Lovely to have you back home, Alexa. Time with family is very precious and grandchildren grow far too quickly, even more when you don't see them often.
I have a Panasonic DMC-FZ18 - which has been superseded but I'm still very happy with mine. It is a bridge camera so bigger than a pocket size camera, but it has a 18x optical zoom. Good luck with finding a replacement.


Gorgeous photograph. Glad your trip was such a happy time for you. And glad you are safely back. Irene


Welcome home, Alexa! It sounds like a lot of loving and memory making went on and those are always glorious things :)

Katie B

Welcome back. The after vacation is always more work than if you'd never gone but I am sure the fun had and memories you made were worth it.


Glad you had such a good week!
Alison xx

Jacky S

It sounds like just what you needed!


oh what a fabulous photo. It says so much even tho from behind. Lovely.


What more could you ask, indeed?

A warm welcome home!


Love that photo! So cute:) Glad you had such a lovely time with your family.


Welcome home--enriched by memories of what sounds like an amazing week!


What a photo!

Missus Wookie

Great photo. I have a Canon G12 and do like it. It is good for close ups but not as good as my no longer available Olympus :(

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