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Friday, 14 September 2012


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Oh, darn! I though you might have a tip for not losing one's reading glasses! Everything is blurry for me at the moment ;)
It is such a great idea. Where would we be without Ali to remind us of and inspire us about those little details which make our lives rich and meaningful.


I often feel like anything before yesterday is one big blur. I have a bad memory and that might be why I scrapbook! I like your idea and without commiting to anything might play along once or twice. Looking forward to seeing what you'll do!


Great post and I'm looking forward to seeing your moments. I worry about losing the memories which is one of the reasons I scrapbook whereas the art journaling is pure play.


Will be there. Much prefer capturing the moment in time. Cleaning up some picture files and came across an audio recording of my thought for my daughter on her first day of her senior year. School and sport memories came flooding back. So I am on board. I too loved the 31 days concept of random memories. Captured the history of some family furniture and room arrangements.

Thanks for starting such a simple but effective way of being back in the moment.


31 Things was the class of the year for me, for exactly all those reasons you have described. I would love to join in with you and will make time tomorrow to sit and record a slice of life.
Actually, the more I think of it, this will be a perfect extension. I have felt 'flat' on the journaling front since the class finished.

Jen Hart

I would love to join in. I too loved Ali's class, a couple of things happened and I didn't complete it at the time, but I have been slowly catching up ready for the next one. It is such an effective way to remember things, my project life that I started this year doesn't always do much more than describe, but that is the beauty, photos, a few words describing and it brings it all back. I have also stopped looking back through it, as even within a month I have forgotten things. So I am saving the albums to look back through with a hot chocolate at Christmas.
Will you prompt us tomorrow, or are we picking our moment I wonder.....either way I will definitely have a go.

Julie Kirk

I have lots of 'moments' captured in the notebooks I've been taking to work for the last 5 years. There've been times when I've written in them purely to have something to do when being on my own at lunch or when waiting for students. It's so strange to re-read them and leap back there. Like a time machine. I'll make a note in my diary to join in with you. x


Sounds great Alexa, count me in! I didn't do Ali's 31 things class, wish I had now!


Most of my days are blurry at the moment too. I so agree with you about reading what I have written days, weeks month and years ago. It brings back so much more than just the words tell. I will join you with the list I am doing with maybe a few of your ideas too? I loved Ali's class for the discipline of daily journalling and like Amy felt flat when it finished. On a smaller scale I am doing LSNED again this year. I don't post to the forum or even my blog but I journal my day in a simple LO every day. I remember so clearly your 9.15am post. x

Paul B

I've recently captured a day but I've never sat and recorded just a single moment. Probably be a good exercise too as I have often struggled with being mindful and in the present. Meditation teaches you to be in the moment and I've usually given up. My mind is always looking to the future. I'll make a note at some time tomorrow to tgake out my notebook and see what happens. i'll print out your advice to help me :) Enjoy your weekend. Pxx (BTW these are stunning photos, beautifully composed and sharply focused)


This is something i should do more often....sometimes i take photos of a single moment so it would be good to have some memories of how that felt. I'd like to try it out...not sure about every month, but will certainly give it a go x


This is a wonderful idea. Capturing moments is something I often think about but hardly ever do. There always seems to be a distraction. Journalling later never quite captures the memory. Thank you, I would love to join in.


PS Also meant to say, the photographs are stunning!


I think it sounds like a wonderful idea. It's something I do already in a sense, in that if I have a moment which I think I could turn into a post I try to write it immediatley. But I do like the idea of a more conscious exercise.


Please count me in.


I am so IN! Have already made myself a BIG reminder note for tomorrow, 9/15 & as you may recall , 15 has a special connection with me, already!

This is such a super idea...and the photos are stunning! You rock Alexa!



I like the sound of this Alexa..I shall try to remember to join in tomorrow!
Alison xx


What a fantastic idea, capturing that moment in time. I always enjoy reading your journaling & am now looking forward to your Simply A Moment posts.


Yes there are blurry moments :-) such an interesting idea and some of my favourite projects to look at now are those that captured moments at the time. Stunning photos by the way just beautiful.

Missus Wookie

Oh what a neat idea - it was one of the reasons for starting my daybook and 7QTFs. Leaving reminders for those blurry landscape memories. I like the idea - and will wait to see what happens.


Stunning photos. I look forward to seeing how your moments develop.


Just catching up on weekend posts. Your original 9:15am post is one of the posts that not only moved me but stays with me. Look forward to seeing your current 9:15 :)


From what I've seen of your scrapbook pages and other creative work, you will have a lot to use to refresh your memories of the special people and events of your lifetime. Your journaling is always heartfelt and you have a wonderful way of recording every day events that might otherwise be forgotten--and I especially enjoy your dialogue layouts.


Just found this post - great idea! I will endeavour to have a go at this - after all, it's only one moment a month! Thank you for sharing!


Alexa, the last months of 2012 seem a haze. Blogging became rather hit and miss, as did following blogs, even those that top my list. Somehow I missed this introduction and caught sight of your postings after this, meaning to find out more and to take part. But I never did. Because life was just destined to take me in other directions. I love writing, and so I hope to be able to participate from hereon. Now that I have finally found the inspiration and details of Simply a Moment. A lovely idea, and beautiful photos you have shared.

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