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Friday, 21 September 2012


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Another great post Alexa. I love the missives you have sent. And I've put together a September moment to be published next week.

Karen Walker

Rinda's right---another great post. Although almost every online photography course I've ever taken recommends you read your camera manual cover to cover, I've never been able to manage it. I now buy the Digital Field Guide for my camera which explains everything clearly, concisely, and provides color illustrations!


OMG Alexa - laughing out loud and then had to explain myself to DH, who really isn't interested, so summed it up as "she just writes really well." Thanks for making my evening!


I know, what is it with camera manuals?
Your true love has the answer - have another glass!


What a great journaling format! I should try it one day!
As in Dear Alexa: thank you for making me smile while reading this great post :)

Katie B

What a great bunch of letters. ROFLMAO I can just see you out in the yard er garden with a ruler or measuring tape making sure your branches meet their specs. Also agree totally with the Word Verification letter. Thanks for the laugh.

Jen Hart

Laughing here too Alexa. Life's irritants, when combined can be be a superior force and only a martini will do. I haven't had a martini for years mind. What a good idea!

Paul B

Ahhh it's like listening to one of Nick's daily rants haha. Especially regards the Word Verification. Have a good weekend. Pxx

Jacky S

A post to bring a smile on a cold,dull morning.....and sadly it's not just camera manuals that are written in gobbledygook!


Fantastic post.


Yes have another one Alexa. I have had occasion to e-mail a complaint to our local re-cylcling company this week! and as for the camera manual!! I have my September moment ready for next week too. And, of course 'Thank you' x


ha ha ha!! Love it Alexa! I've never read my camera manual and printed it as it came on a disc. It literally filled a file and so it is far too big to have handy. I'm sure I don't get the best out of it, but then that's the same as my oven. I had it 9 years before I discovered I've been using the wrong setting when I bake cakes.
No wonder they have been disasters all these times!
I'll join you in the glass of Martini. So much to do today but I guess that's why I am catching up here. It is a good way of avoiding what I SHOULD be doing!


Big believer in the power of martini, so this really made me smile. A martini placed in the hand exactly when needed is love indeed..I'll be adding that to my own list too :)

A lovely post.


Wishing you a non gobbledygook weekend with maybe a martini thrown in.


This is the best Mr Gobbledygook could come up with: 'At base level, this just comes down to interactive reciprocal contingencies'. Can't say fairer than that, except Hope your Martini comes shaken not stirred. Great post Alexa, thank you.


That gobbldygook reminds me of the spam I receive on my blog, because I deleting spam is a small price to pay for giving my blog readers the freedom to comment without the pain of word verification. I rue the day my eyesight fails me and I can no longer leave comments.
Thanks for yours btw. The tuba player was actually emitting flames with every note he played. Much more exciting than a rose.


Ooo I haven't had a martini for years. Might just have to have a look and see what bottles I have around as I shall join you in a drink :0)
Brilliant post.


I can make a window to discuss your regenerated management flexibility. We imminently need to cascade memos about our parallel relative innovation. After all, only geeks stuck in the 90s still go for holistic organisational consulting.


A wonderful post Alexa. Thank you for stopping by so often in these last few months - your visits have meant so much more than than words can say, especially as you too have experienced your own loss - you are in my prayers too - and your thoughts for me do reach out across this electronic link - and are felt and appreciated, and i love your Simply a moment - and have made that time this week - so hope to post later.


I had a chortle to myself at the yellow label of shame as we got a tag of shame for being cracked open less than an inch on the bin lid. Great writing as usual and enjoy the Martini or rather " may the warmth and inner tranquillity of your beverage pass into your circulatory system and lead to you wishing felicitations to all".


I thoroughly enjoyed this post...so clever and so relatable. thanks for the chuckles.


OMIGOODNESS you had me falling about with this! Don't get me started on my own list of irritations and complaints, but what a wonderful inspiration for a journal page ....


I can agree with you on at least two of your brickbat posts. Word verification totally makes me crazy--there have been times I've had to e-mail a blogger to comment on a post because the WV is so incomprehensible. The other one is camera manuals: I can't imagine why anyone thinks that hopping from page to page is a useful learning technique.


You have made me smile this evening with your Dear.....series, good luck with Cannon :) xx


GReat post Alexa, Thanks for making me giggle today.


Great brickbats and bouquets! Some of the brickbats I could commiserate with and some made me laugh but the thanks to the dental team is the one I'll carry through the day.

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