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Monday, 20 August 2012


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Jen Hart

Oh, you have brought a smile to my face this morning. Great photo, brilliantly done. x

Julie Jeavons

Brilliant! I wouldn't have been able to see it either.


LOL Alexa, great photo! And I love your movie poster:)

Jacky S

I certainly wouldn't have been able to see over it....love how you've turned it into a poster.


does seem excessive - great layout


What a clever way of combining many things! Fantastic idea.

Paul B

I spent a few hours along Chee Dale at the weekend and can agree on how wet it was lol but also beautifully green and serene. I wouldn't be able to see over the sundial either haha, I have a similar problem when at a particular petrol station whose desk is so high, I'm on tip toes to see the machine my card goes into. I feel like I'm six! Your layout is brilliant! Love it's whimsical nature and humour :) You're a digi expert!!! Pxx

Julie Kirk

I guess it was made to be viewed from the vantage point of a fancy terrace ... either that or it was made for giants. Whichcever - it's a great photo! And a fabulous page too.

Thanks so much for joining in ... up to now it's mainly us below-average-heighters playing along. Maybe we all thought we were the only ones!

I've added your lovely post to the board: http://pinterest.com/notesonpaper/the-height-of-summer-2012/

Thanks again.

Julie x


Oh this is just excellent Alexa!


Love the pic..and how brilliant to make a movie poster!
Alison xx


Completely charming in every way!


Fabulous Alexa! Your movie poster is perfect - thanks for sharing!


Fantastic post! Awesome picture and really funny commentary.


What a fantastic original way to join in The Height of Summer. Love it!


wonderful..brilliant....loved it x


What a great combination, with Julie, Paula and Rinda, you've managed to create a real fun piece! Love the text too! :) Can't imagine why that sundial is so tall???


Very clever all of it! Did you know about the "height of summer" challenge when the photo was taken? If not, even better because it's perfect for the challenge. The other clever piece, of course, is combining three challenges into one, especially on a piece as pretty and uniquely you as this one is.

And, FWIW, I have 3 1/2 inches on you, but I don't think my extra height would be much use with that sundial either. Maybe it was meant for giants?


Oh my! That is very cute! I love that movie poster!


Ha ha - great post(er) and photo


What fun!! It just made me smile...:-)!


Great photo and I love your movie poster. So very clever xx


This made me chuckle this morning. It's so well done. I love it.


Brilliant triple hit! I always thought you were petite :)


Well, you stand tall in the clever blog post department - nicely done. I'm managing to catch up on lots and lots of blog reading after having slacked off all month. This was my favorite of your recent posts. I'll be seeing you more often in September - take care, Alexa.

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