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Friday, 31 August 2012


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Will miss you in Ode to Nature. I love your pageful!
Have a great trip!


Oh this turned out beautifully with the pale background! Great job!

Enjoy your visit with family! I would certainly take the Cadbury chocolates over the computer if there was only room for one!LOL


It does indeed look even more beautiful with the added colour. I had a feeling it might. Have a wonderful break and enjoy that special time with your family x

Jacky S

Love how it turned out. Have a wonderful visit.


Great page of honeysuckle - I too have difficulty painting between the lines :)Have a lovely time with your family Alexa!


hoping that you have a lovely time with your little and not so little ones. Love the colouring by the way.

Paul B

Your honeysuckle painting is beautiful! Though I like monochromatic, I have to say the colour version is much more spectacular. Have a wonderful holiday and I'm looking forward to reading your resulting blog posts on your return. I have an inner filter for when friends talk lovingly of grandchildren haha (used to be my friends spoke dotingly of their children, now it's grandchildren - I'm feeling old lol). I'd happily take chocolate over computers too, but they'd never make it to anyone else's sticky paws. I'd be arriving with empty wrappers lol. HAVE FUN!!!!! Pxx

Jen Hart

Have a lovely time :)


It has turned out very much your style and I'll take your word the background is blue, this screen just does not give the best ;0)
Have a brilliant time x


Have a lovely time Alexa......your coloured version looks just as beautiful as the black and white. Get the printer and fabric into action again ;-)


Have a great visit--it will be fun to see what you come up with while you are away. BTW, I really like your colored doodles--it looks like a celebration on paper!


Have a wonderful time!


That pale blue wash gives you all the "white space" you could ever need! Great job! And I live this sort of opposite take on Hello Monday - you've created Goodbye Friday! Enjoy your trip.


Oh, that's so beautiful! I'm glad you took the plunge :) Just as effective as the black and white version!

Wishing you a lovely trip x


still as gorgeous if not more than the b&w version! have a super time away x


That turned out beautifully..enjoy your trip!...and I know what you mean about ex-Pat shopping requests- I have jst asked a friend, who arrives on Monday, to bring me some clear bra straps from M&S and some Benefit make up!
Alison xx

Missus Wookie

The expat shopping made me smile, there are several lists you know the MUST HAVES, the if you have rooms and the 'if you've got space to fill these are nice' ;) We got a lot of kool aid and candies that way - they made good packing material Grammy said.

Have a great time and enjoy all those child full moments!


Beautifully done, Alexa!

Loved the packing list, and look forward to hearing more on your return.
Have a wonderful time with your family.


Take care, safe travels and enjoy your time with family. The page turned out beautifully!


The honeysuckle turned out great with the addition of colour and the pale background gives the flowers space to shine.
Look forward to when you are safely back on these shores but in the meantime have a wonderful trip.


Have a wonderful time away. Your water colour turned out beautifully.


I loved this drawing when it was in black and white. Now colour has been added, it shows the delicateness of the flowers even more.
I hope you have a safe journey and look forward to seeing more art work on your return. Andy

Katie B

YOU DID IT! you covered the whole page with color, and honestly I like them both equally. Color and monochromatic. Happy journey.


ahhh love your painting! sometimes i forget that doodles dont have to have screaming meaning! ;o)
Like your bullets and color font - makes for fun reading noting it to self as I type!

have a great restorative weekend -


I love your honeysuckle design - it is beautiful (truly lovely!). You should start a new career, as a designer of gift wraps and wallpapers! Try Phoenix Cards, they publish lovely papers... or someone like the National Trust! I would buy gift paper with that gorgeous design on it, so I'm sure others would too!
And btw, you don't have to paint "inside the lines" to produce an excellent piece of work. The little "over the lines" bits add to the character of your work and make it look genuine. Too much tidy computerised stuff around nowadays - it's lovely to see some genuine, real, hand painted artwork!

This is a lovely post. I do like how you have written your points, with "See you Soon" in many languages. Have a lovely trip, Alexa! See you when you get home again.


Have a lovely time Alexa - or, since you may not read this until you get back, welcome home, I hope it was great!


Enjoy. I love the honeysuckle, gorgeous work. I wish I could even contemplate colouring all that in.


Have a wonderful trip Alexa and I look forward to the pictures upon your return!! The subtle of the blue in the watercolor is perfect, don't change it! Who says you have to color in the lines? If my life were that perfect, it's be boring!!


Im sure you won't see this until you return so hope you had a wonderful time. Your painting is really beautiful.

Jennifer Grace

I hope you are having a lovely time away. I love it that you've got to pack salad cream! x


Love your painting and this post...cleverly done. Do enjoy the time away and looking forward to seeing pics of the kiddies.


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