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Monday, 06 August 2012


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alexa re the horse, over here I would say it was a fly veil, to keep the flies away from the horses eyes, some are more succeptable (spelling?!) to irritation by flies than others. Over there, it could well be any other summer insect critter that they are guarding against, give that the ears appear to be covered as well (or, maybe even protection against the sun!)


Alexa, your final photo is sensational - it really captures the scale and the dramatic countryside.
It is funny how we end up taking photos that suit a particular project without really knowing it!


Ah, we did wonder, Sharon, if it might be something like that. The field was not far from the river, so perhaps there are lots of stinging and biting things around in the humid air. I know that if my Dad gets bitten by a 'cleg' (horse fly). his whole arm will swell. There were about a dozen horses in the field and all of them hooded - thank-you for the info!


fabulous Alexa. Seems like you had a lovely break and probably just what you needed.Hope to see you soon.


sounds a wonderful weekeng - love the last photo

Jen Hart

Looks brilliant Alexa and you sound refreshed. Lovely, lovely photos.

Paul B

Your photos are superb! Sounds like you had a delightful time. Envious of your Mikado tickets, you now have me trilling the Three Little Maids haha - it'll be in my head all day now lol. Looking forward to seeing your purchase on Wednesday :) Pxx

Jacky S

What wonderful photos,Alexa.....and what an enjoyable afternoon it sounds. You most definately should join the Scavenger Hunt.


Lovely photos Alexa! What a lovely weekend you've had:) Gosh, you've reminded me about Rinda's scavenger hunt, I keep forgetting about it. I agree with Sharon, the hoods are to keep the flies etc off the horses eyes.


You absolutely HAVE to join in the scavenger hunt, see how fate is throwing suitable photos your way! It's not to late to join.
Looks like you had a great time.


I love that Byron poem I find it comforting. Great photos and I think yes to Rinda's challenge. I suspect you already have some inspiring photos and stories attached. Looking to see what purchase you succumbed to.


A lovely round up! I think Rinda would be absolutely delighted to have you on board


What a wonderful collage of shots. Thanks for the glimpse into your roving x And yes, I think you should join in with Rinda's hunt. I only have one shot so far as we're saving it for our holiday next week.


You really should come and join the Scavenger Hunt Alexa...it looks like you had a lovely weekend!
Alison xx

Suzanna L

Oooh! I cannot wait to see what goodies you purchased and how you will put them to use! Lovely photos with, as others have stated, the final one "reigning supreme" (to borrow from Iron Chef!)!

Karen Walker

All the photos are wonderful, but the last one took my breath away! Stunning!


I wondered too, whether to join Rinda's intriguing Scavenger Hunt........

Beautiful photos alexa especially the last one x


Fab photos especially the wonderful panoramic landscape.


Yes, fill us in on Wednesday! (You tease!!) That ice cream sounds scrummy...


I was also going to say the veil was to keep flies away. You have a great collection of photos there Alexa - and a wonderful start to the Scavenger Hunt, so you may as well play along!

Missus Wookie

Mikado? As a well brought up G&S child I've now got three little maids running through my head (especially 'cause my Dad likes to point out he has three daughters....). That ice cream sounds yummy.


Your last photo is breathtaking. I can't wait to see what you have been up to. It looks like you had a fabulous weekend.


I would love to join that gent on his walk; what a breathtaking vista! Sounds like you had a great weekend ~ always great to getaway for a break. Enjoyed your photo collage.



Gorgeous gorgeous post Alexa. I wish I had thought of wearing a fly veil last weekend, I was bitten so badly, my foot took me to the docs! All fixed now :)

Katie B

What lovely pictures.


The photo of the walking path is amazing--it looked like if you kept going that you would soon be walking on air. I hope that's how you felt during your mini-break and that the feeling continued after your return.

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