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Friday, 03 August 2012


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Those colorful beach cabins look like they could prompt any number of layouts--here's hoping you have a wonderful weekend, with good pages to follow.


How did you get those cabins to match your dress so well??!!! :) Have a wonderful time with your brother! I just had mine visit for a few days and it was delightful.


Did you see the magazine Sian linked yesterday? When I was looking through the pages I had an Alexa moment, there are some great design ideas for those of us who like clean and simple.
I love beaches with bathing boxes - the colour you captured is wonderful Alexa.

Jen Hart

Have a lovely weekend, you certainly have just the place for it. I started my holiday yesterday, I feel like a different person already.
Yes, I shall be back Monday.

Jacky S

That beach looks soooo inviting.....there is nothing like the seaside to lift your spirits.
Enjoy your weekend.

Paul B

All comes across very intriguing. Sounds like you all had fun though. Oh to be beside the sea. I've probably said it before but I just love being near the coast, watching waves break. It's pure bliss and something I miss with living in the North West. Youe lo as always, is superb and really vibrant with colour! Enjoy the upcoming weekend. Pxx


Amazing colours in this page! Love those beach huts. I have been accused of having a bit of an obsession with beach huts, and always make a bee-line for them when we go to the coast! Have a great weekend.


Lovely photo of you Alexa! Love your dress!! Is that on the Norfolk coast - I think we've been there. Love love love the colourful beach huts - we are only aloowed white on our coast line:(


Just white seems a shame, Linda! Though I think they could be very photogenic ... It was a bit further up the coast than Norfolk - it's Whitby. :)


Oh I do love a row of colourful beach huts and I'm very glad to see these have their roofs facing the right way! Great dress and it co-ordinates so well. How clever of you x


I did indeed see the magazine, Amy - it was all I could do not to subscribe there and then! Perhaps we can keep an eye on it and compare notes. :)


How lovely, Nathalie - good sibling relationships are a joy. The matching was sheer coincidence - Himself suddenly said "Stand there a minute"!


Fab photos - the north does a great beach doesn't it?!


How convenient to have matching cabins and a dress! Perfect! Enjoy your holiday. Looking forward to seeing future layouts.


Lovely LO..those beach huts are SO British!
Alison xx


Aren't they just - given the British weather, we all need somewhere to change in and take shelter!


What fabulous colours on you & your LO Alexa.
Have a wonderful w/e x


Oh, look! The beach huts complement your beautiful seaside-y outfit. So stylish! Have a good weekend Alexa

Missus Wookie

Whitby is lovely, haven't been in years but was just talking about it, well Scarborough and Whitby yesterday!


I want to revisit Whitby, we had a fleeting stop some years ago on our way north. The colours of your page are gorgeous, Alexa,it is so cheerful and I love beach huts. The use of magazines to inpsire layouts is such a good idea.
Have a great weekend and enjoy your walking.


We don't see beach houses here, but they would be so useful, not to mention the colors are very happy and bright! I hope you are having a fantastic weekend!


lovely photos Alex. The beach huts are so bright and full of punch~

Karen Walker

The beach huts are just fabulous! Love the colors, and your dress is just as gorgeous!


All that color makes me smile - love this page!!


Sounds like a ton of good fun!! And - I've gotta say - I just love those colorful beach huts. Terrific!


Love the beach hut photos. I do wish we had some up here. I got a lovely photo of some at Margate last year when I visited Amanda.

Suzanna L

Did you match the dress with those beach huts? It couldn't be more perfect! We need cheery little houses like that here! Though... undoubtedly, they would be grafitti'ed and ruined...


oh wow alexa......just look at those gorgeous beach huts....I have a thing about beach huts and those are glorious. Did you were your dress knowing that it would be perfect match for your photos :) xx amazing layout xx


Oh wow I love everything above this,from the design to your beautiful photos. All the colour with the white looks wonderful. They look very well cared for beach huts I used to love ours and sometimes I wish we still had it - happy times.


Wonderful photos and love your simple layout. Will be bookmarking this for future inspiration. Thanks.

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