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Friday, 10 August 2012


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Karen Walker

Well, your work looks just great to me. This whole post reminds me of a botanical drawing class I took a couple years ago. It said "beginners welcome," but most of the class members had been coming for years, and their drawings looked professional. I stuck it out, and they were warm and supportive, but I decided drawing probably wasn't my calling.


And I have a digital techniques class saved away, it's been there for nearly two years ....

Brilliant Alexa!

Paul B

As someone who has plenty of online classes (un)finished under his belt, I can truly recognise and nod my head shamefully in recognition at your guide lol. And your front cover to your newest class is a brilliant start. Green is the colour of creativity so it bodes well :) Pxx


Oh, Alexa. This brought a smile to my face this morning. I too, have classes stored away for rainy days...
Love the lettering, a wonderful start.

Jen Hart

I have one that I am dipping in and out of. It's comforting to know they are there isn't it?

Love your title page.


Love the calligraphy on your title page. I think you're better than you feel. Great stuff.


Alexa, if you are a beginner then I am about minus100!!! Glad I saw the link to this class on your blog, and looking forward to sharing lots of work (to make everyone else look good teehee!)


Lin, are you doing this class too? It'd be lovely to have your company ... :).


I hear what you are saying - so eloquently - but I have to agree that "beginner" doesn't apply, although I suspect that time-management does go out of the window thanks to your busy family life. A great start to your latest class - looking forward to seeing more.


I have more unfinished classes than I care to count, all awaiting my attention and new ones in the works. Looks like you are off to a grand start with this one!


I *know* you can do this...you're already off to a great start and think of all the inspiration you'll share to all of us who are also wannabes ;-)). And you are a poet, too! Enjoy and we all look fwd to your sharing posts.



What a fantastic poem that reflects a little bit of how I'm feeling in the Composition for Collage class at BPC. I wanted to try something new, but the gallery is full of great collages - my elementary efforts are easy to find! LOL


Brilliant! Loved reading your ode! :) You're courageous and you can obviously do it (judging by the awesomeness of your book cover!) - And don't be fooled, everybody feels like a beginner in one way or another ;)


It looks to me like you are off to a great start and I loved reading your ode :o)


Oh Alexa, you do make me laugh! I love your ode and your painting. Even if the other participants are experienced in other ways, you have so much creativity and originality that you will streak ahead.
I also signed up for something and forgot! An email from my Big Postcard Swap partner reminded me I am supposed to be making something to post. I had to do some quick searches on my inbox history to remind myself what it was but it's is all done now and by the door to go!!
I'm going to look forward to seeing more of your paintings. Have a good weekend xx


I feel the same as linda321! I resurrected my watercolours a couple of months ago, but didn't dare sign up for a class. You are very brave Alexa. Love your post. x


You've captured the dilemma for sure. This post is so timely as I'm debating with myself whether I'm going to do the early sign up for yet another interesting-sounding class. There just aren't enough hours in the day!


The vibrancy of the page on your blog is outstanding Alexa! I love it and I know your classmates will enjoy your work as well :) Your right a change is good!

Missus Wookie

The ode is lovely and very timely! The decorative font made me smile, was just looking at a couple of my 'how to draw letter' handouts from more years ago than I wish to admit :lol:

Great title page :)

Becky Thomas Lane

Don't worry, you're not the only beginner in that class! I never even knew online art classes existed until a couple of months ago, didn't know what mixed media and art journaling were, had never even done any scrapbooking, and owned no art supplies other than a few watercolor pencils and some markers that I used to need for doing garden designs, most of which had dried up since! I sure am having fun making up for lost time, though!


Love this sweet and poetic piece of encouragement to take the leap...to jump in..to try something different and new!


Fantastic post and I am full of admiration for you doing somethin( so new :-)

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