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Wednesday, 29 August 2012


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Just do it! I have never learned to love white space myself. Filling the whole page is not my particular problem. LOL!
Here's the thing to remember - there's lots more watercolor paper out there in the world. There is nothing to lose by loading that brush and trying something new!
I'm going to try something abstract soon.

Becky Lane

I've been standing here ALL EVENING, staring at a pretty cool page of gingko biloba doodles, wondering "If I try to add color to this, will I make it better, or worse?" Still no decision!

Katie B

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The idea of white space is so foreign to the people I work with and it at times drives me a bit mad. There is no place to rest your eyes without white space, there is no way to tell what is most important in an advert is there is too much going on.

Your doodles are absolutely beautiful as they are. If I were you I would probably copy them as is before coloring everything in.


Now, I would cheat and add a watercolour wash of paint over the entire background and then leave the rest ... hence why I do not take such classes!

Jen Hart

Go for it Alexa, you might like it. I am with you on the white space though, and poor editing.


with you on poor editing - I find it so frustrating. Love your drawings and I think a wash over the whole page counts

Paul B

I'm sure you'll have read/heard it before but it's only paper. Easy to say I know. It's something I need to keep reminding myself about when worrying if i'll make a mess up. Love your honeysuckle doodles, they're superb, especially how you've made them intertwine around the page. How about scanning the page to your computer, so that you can colour the whole sheet with photoshop? You'll have an idea of how it'll turn up and you can trial as many colour combos as you like until you find the one that works for you? Then you can grab your pens or paints and do it for real. Pxx

Jacky S

I agree with Rinda.....just go for it....though you could photocopy the page first if you really can't bear to 'risk' that beautiful original!!


i love your drawing just as it is!! ..... i might love it more though in colour lol! x


Your doodling is so pretty as it is and I'd be loathe to start adding colour in case of mishap too. However, I do think it would look even more beautiful with some added colour. Be brave x


I bought that book at the beginning of the summer - and do yu know what annoyed me about it? The lack of white space on the pages! It seems very crowded and busy to look at.

It's usually mixed up Cicero isn't it? So if they use gobbledegook Latin ..what's the origin of "it's all Greek to me"? I wonder


You are so right, Sian, about the design! As for all Greek to me, Wikipedia has this to say: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greek_to_me


I just tried colouring in a pencil sketch I did using photoshop! what fun it was too. Be brave! everything you do is so lovely, I would love to see a colour wash over your gorgeous sketch....or a copy of it!


I have to admit to liking your doodling just as it is but I'm interested to see how it turns out in colour.


well I didn't take greek and I failed latin, but hey it looks gr8 to me alexa. My current book of excitement is called ''blogging for creatives'' by robin houghton. no white space in there so far.
personally i love the doodle design and can't wait to see what u come up with,
jo xxx


I love your doodled honeysuckle - I thought it was a print - so clever you! Good luck with the colouring.


That is an amazing doodle! I was going to suggest photocopying or scanning the page before adding colour, but I see others have had that idea before me :)


Pink is good, though I must confess that I love your drawing too in it's monochrome state.
There does seem a lack of editorial and proof reading management in the book you are reading. I can see how it would grate. Irene


Doodling is an understatement for what you created here--it is so pretty. I will be curious to see what you come up with for the next step in this process.


I like white space too, and your doodle is just beautiful. But once in a while I love to get outside my comfort zone, so hope you can muster up the courage and jump in with both feet, Alexa!
There is an amazing large bed of pink, red and orange flowers on my way to work. Now I would never put these colours together but they really inspire me and make me smile every day I pass them.You never know, choose the right colours and you might just love it!

Missus Wookie

My dd is a born editor and corrects books - sends polite emails to their publishers :) I like your doodled honeysuckle, it is one of my favourite flowers - even if one determined vine cost thousands of pounds of damage and caused a flood...


I've noticed errors in books lately,too.

I do hope the pink has worked out nicely for you!!


Colour is the thing.. for honeysuckle anyway!

Yes, I also hate it when a book has errors - especially of the kind you describe.

And, yes, you are correct - "Lorem Ipsum" and the placeholder text passage associated to it, is definitely Latin!!
Link for proof, should you feel the need... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lorem_ipsum

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