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Monday, 27 August 2012


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fabulous photos of Him indoors.Love the idea of scrapping this must-be-done task. Wonder if he'd like to do ours???


He makes me chuckle!! He'll never make a real chimney sweep with all that posing going on! Brilliant take on Paula's Ad.


Love the design and the topic, can't imagine thinking about fires any time soon!


Yep the heating went on yesterday and it was Mr Wright who put it on as well. Lovely page.

Jacky S

He could certainly come and do ours as well....though I'm hoping we won't be needing it any time soon!!


WOW Alexa, this is fabulous! I think it's my favourite ever LO of yours:) Love the photos, the design and the colours:)


Funny! It's a beautiful page too. Yes, it's almost autumn - hurray, my favourite time of year


I have visions of Bert and Mary Poppins right now .....

Paul B

Yup it's getting darker in the evenings earlier and earlier :( Autumn's nearly here. Love your photos, looks like the pair of you were having tremendous fun with it :) And a terrific layout worthy of all the effort put in. Enjoy your warm, toasty fire :) Px


It's fabulous Alexa - I love your additions of the strips on top and bottom. Thanks for playing along and your kind words.


oooh that's a messy job. Super layout, love all the photos and the angle of your journaling x


Fabulous layout & photos - it does look like you included photos of each step!!


Great interpretation of Paula's challenge! Great subject for a page + he looks pretty proud ;)


What a brilliant set of photos and I love your layout :-)

Jen Hart

Oh didn't he do well, you will really savour that fire!


What a great set of photos! I love the shot atop the chimney :o) Dick Van Dyke eat your heart out!


Fab photos! Love the arrangement of the photos and text - brilliant! x


OK, I actually can't put into words how much I adore the angle at which you've arranged the photos :) YAY!! (See, even in capitals, 'yay' doesn't do it justice...)


What a cute and clever page. It's hard to say what I like best about it--the out-of-bounds photo with the chimney tool is fabulous, the colors and angular presentation are wonderful, but I think the thing that carries the day is that he is smiling in almost every photo. I'd say the two of you made the best of what is probably a nasty job.

Missus Wookie

Gorgeous design - love that brush popping up through the top margin. Yeah for himself - does he want to come south and do some London gutters? He'd have to bring his long ladder of course :)


Brilliant! Love the design of the layout - you are right to be grateful for the inspiration.
Well done to Himself, for his heroic efforts with the Sweep's Brush! Hope you kissed him for luck, once he was finished?


Oh I love it Alexa!! Your pages are so honest and true; the gamut of happy and sad and everything in between. That celebratory pic with Himselves arms spread saying "tada! I made it!" screams celebration and pride. The symmetry in the angles is lovely.

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