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Friday, 24 August 2012


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Your doing really well with the class. Lovely leaves and I think the session worked really well. I've just noticed the leaves here are starting to turn so it's a lovely reminder of the summer.

Paul B

Great question about how much to reveal in a blog. It's something I constantly have whirring in my mind when writing out a post. When playing and experimenting with something new like you are, or trying to find a different creative direction to go in, like me. I'm discovering plenty of creative experiments don't go as planned, just like you and your leaves. I used to blog almost everything I made but I'm not so sure these days. Should I blog all those errors or horrors I've produced? That aside, I love your painted leaves. I love the serendipity of the results and how no two efforts are ever the same. Great use of the strip of mica too. And as always, such beautiful photography. Personally, I want to see everything on your blog, I want to enjoy the journey with you, warts & all (thinking of a previous post's title :) ). Enjoy your weekend too. Pxxxx

Jacky S

I love leaf printing....every print is always unique....I remember spending many hours doing it with my children.....and still have some of their leaf prints.


I like your leaves splodges and all and yes I did have fun making the postcard so thanks for sharing the link :)Wishing you lots more painty fun x


I love your painted leaves!

You are inspiring me to push my thinking further and wonder - yes, the bit we reveal can be real certainly, but the bit we don't reveal might be the key to our whole character. I suspect we all do a little more self editing than we realise...although I could turn that on its head too and say that the blogging friends I have met in real life have all turned out to be exactly as I imagined!


Hi, thank you for visiting my blog. I really like your post today. You have captured the essence of the leaves so that they look intriguing and form another shape. Your grasses collage is gorgeous. The piece of natural string entwining the twigs draws the eye in as the focal point of the collage. Andy.

Deb @ PaperTurtle

Beautiful photos, paintings, and sentiments, Alexa. Ah, you and your entire blog are just lovely.


Thank-you, Sian, for that thoughtful reply and you're making me think too! My first reaction was to wonder if we indeed have a 'key' which would reveal our whole character ... I think I am currently making a more holographic assumption: that any small piece contains, in some way, the seeds of the larger whole (despite the un/conscious editing). Rest assured I shall be mulling over your thinking - I really enjoy getting outside my own!


Gorgeous leaf printing - I think that everything in life is better with a little left to the imagination!

And yes I was wondering about the longevity of the grasses ... good to know that they are lasting well.


Love the leaf printing! That's something I haven't tried yet. Food for thought re revealing stuff on our blogs. I revealed a little more about myself yesterday:)


I like the leaves and especially how you've tied in to Sian's discussion!


I wasn't sure if I should use the reply button or the comment button as I too have enjoyed Sian's recent post. The leaves are such a lovely example of how small parts can reveal so much and yet keep the whole from view.
Thankyou for sharing how your grasses are stored and adhered to your pages, it is not an idea I have ever considered, but I do include photographic representation of the nature around us.


I love how your journaled along the edge of the leaf print. And that last montage is gorgeous.


these are lovely and i'd say it's much harder than it looks. What you have captured really does look arty! x


I am so enjoying all the pages you are creating on your Ode to Nature course. The photography is stunning and I can't wait to see more. You have a great eye for colour, Alexa. Something that can't be taught.


It seems to me that you're really enjoying the "playtime" in this class. It is fun to see your different tries with the leaf and I really ought to try including some "nature" onto my pages because I love the idea and the look!


I love the painted leaves, Alexa. The fact they are not perfect makes them even better, and I love the way you have journalled around them. That's my kind of page.
The course looks a lot of fun.


well, i can vouch for the difficulties of leaf prints, gave up. potatoes........better. as for the personal side of blogging, i learned the hard way how much to tell about certain aspects of my life but as for the parts which i feel would help others i will never be told revealing that i have bipolar was ever a bad idea. it has brought me gr8 support and also others sharing their experiences too,. it is personal choice and u should never feel that u are hiding things from ur blogfriends/followers if u choose to keep ur privacy
jo xxx


This is a lovely montage. You used a great combination of colors and your handwritten text adds an unexpected dimension to the artwork. Beyond that, I appreciate the connection you made between your experience with the leaf stamps and Sian's blog post about how much of oneself to share via blogging or scrapping. In fact, I was so intrigued by that thought that I clicked on the link and then (embarrassingly) never made it back here to comment on your post.

Missus Wookie

I remember the trouble of trying to get leaves to remain painted - thicker paint seemed to be the answer way back then. I like using natural items on cards and used to enjoy putting them on gift tags after stamping the papers. Many years ago...

as for posting and blogging, yep that is something I've been pondering too. Not got to Sian's blog yet - that will wait until tomorrow, your's is the last for tonight.


Try adding just a tiny spot of washing-up liquid to the paint... breaks the surface tension and makes it more "wetting". It might work!
Love the leaf print attempts anyway. Exploring is fun. And the grass/leaf collage looks very interesting...
I wish I'd been following your posts recently - looks like I've been missing some good stuff!


Thank you for the reminder of leaf printing, what fun that will be to do with the kids. The "what to reveal" on one's blog is an interesting and endless debate... Each comes up with our own answer and, on occasion, that will change and evolve.

Jennifer Grace

Love this leafy post, especially the doodling around the leaves! x

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