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Wednesday, 22 August 2012


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I just love your photo of the grasses - I find it really relaxing! How interesting about your family - it's lovely finding out something new about them isn't it? :-)


Oh, I do so like the pages you shared and even moreso, this phrase: " including a little bit of nature stitches the memories to a particular time and place..." Bingo!

Looking fwd to seeing more; this Ode to Nature class is quite intriguing. Happy to take it vicariously with you.



What Honore said!


Love that first photo of the grasses - how do the grasses hold up in your scrapbooks? Funny how this has prompted some recollections from your Dad.

Paul B

Fantastic pages, so professional and oozing with style. It's the frenetic worry that you put into each of the details which make your layouts stand out with added wow factor. The photo of the grasses all lined up is superb. It's like something you'd see within the pages of a sunday glossy magazine supplement. Pxx


Beautifully arranged grasses! I love the look of those grasses on your page. They are so graphic (is that possible?!). I've added feathers, shells and leaves to some of my holiday pages - they did not look nearly as classy!

Jacky S

I love the way you've arranged the grasses.....though I'd have probably have stressed about it as well.Your journaling is just perfect...as always.


What Cheri and Honore said ... amd Jemma too - that is the question, how do they hold up in the album?


I can't believe that you have actually scrapped pieces of grass on pages even before this class, it is such a great idea (never would have thought of it!) and second, it is proof that this class is indeed for you!! A field journal? That sounds so romantic right now, can't wait to see!!!


Gosh these are just so fresh. Just beautiful.


I love your arrangement - I found the process really relaxing.
I love the way you incorporated grasses on your scrapbook page.


Alexa, LOL about it becoming stressful! I feel the same! My kitchen windowsill is now brimming with shells, pebbles, feathers and leaves. Now I have to photograph and sketch them!
I love your photo of the grasses, and love love love the idea of incorporating them into your scrapbook pages. How fun that you found out that your grandfather was a collector too!

Katie B

Great layouts. love the way you have arranged the collected "specimens" on the page.


The grasses look beautiful - nice from a distance when hayfever looms! Your photos really are special


Beautiful photo of the collection. Had the class been timed differently, I would most definitely have joined in - am loving hearing about it from you..........


I love grasses and they look wonderful on your pages, Alexa.
I remember trying to collect grass to identify with my children when they were younger. It wasn't easy as there are so many varieties. I love the display on the white background and how you used stems on your pages.


I'm looking forward to seeing the field journal. I bet it will be fab. Great photo. It reminded me of The Sainsbury Magazine which I always think has great graphics and photos in it.


The double-page spread in the middle is stunning--I especially like how you shaped your journaling to the drape of the grasses. The desaturated image behind the grasses...stunning!

Missus Wookie

gorgeous - we always collect bits on our wanders. Fun to discover family pastimes that link us to the past!

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