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Wednesday, 15 August 2012


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There is a lot of beauty in allowing the imperfections to just be.


Ver nice to see you "letting go" a little - and doing it with as much grace and beauty as you do everything in your life!


fab Alexa.


Your post is giving me palpitations - there are so few of us CAS scrappers, and with your gorgeous foray into the warty world of colour and paint I am quite worried!


I am loving your warty side Alexa!!! Keep going because it is going in a great direction and I can't wait to see where it takes you in your scrapbooking ;)

Paul B

Gorgeous, colourful page. Love that you're playing with paint and especially your experimenting away from your CAS style. There's a Donna Downey in you somewhere haha. I'm tickled by her complete transformation from CAS to what she does now. But I can understand how difficult it is to let things just be "wrong" or "messy". I struggle with it lots at the moment. Posts like yours though give me the motivation to keep at it :) Can't wait to see more. Pxx

Jacky S

I'm loving your warty side as well!! There's nothing like a bit of 'mess'!!


I can see why you are feeling a little jittery but those flowers are absolutely fantastic. Wouldn't have noticed the smudge if you hadn't told us :0)


your warts look good to me and it sounds like you enjoyed the experience x


I love these flowers....the colours are so vibrant!
Alison xx


What Cheri said :)

The flowers are beautiful


Oooooo I love it Alexa but I can see how challenging it must be to you but you have definitely kept your own style, the flower tutorial is great and I'm going to give them a try - thank you.


Gorgeous! Loving your foray into 'warts and all!'! The colours in the flowers are so vibrant! Off to check up the links:)


Love your page Alexa. What I love the best about Art Journalling is it is a free medium. I'm not worried about perfection instead I just enjoy the process and embrace the result-:)
Thank you for visiting Ariel.


Good for you that you are willing to step outside your comfort zone. It sounds like you are learning to "make do" the real world in the same way you learned workarounds and shortcuts for your digital creations.

Missus Wookie

scary to step outside the comfort zone and get warty - love the colours. I occasionally get lumpy/messy (well for me I do) and it is fun, but I return to clean/simple scrapping afterwards :)

Becky Thomas Lane

I like to return the favor when people stop by my blog, and I'm so, so glad I did, for I absolutely adore yours! Started scrolling back, and just can't seem to stop. I'm a bit of a color-mad, live-life-to-the-fullest kind of gal, and I have a sneaking suspicion that you are too. Speaking of color, those are my very faves in that sunburst piece above. I'm heading over to check out that tutorial right now!

Becky Thomas Lane

Oh yeah, and one more thing. I love your description of "trimming the sails." I named my blog Seasonality for a reason, and just recently added the subtitle "Embracing Change". We have never sailed, but we've had to "trim our sails" many, many times throughout our nomadic marriage, and now, just when we've finally settled down in the place of our dreams, we are having to deal with my husband's health issues. Still, I wouldn't trade any of it for the world. Change is good!


I think it's lovely! I'm enjoy Ode to Nature so far and am glad to have (finally) added your blog to my reader. I know I've been by for Storytelling Sunday and maybe before as well.


They're actually the imperfections that 'perfect' the art. Love what you're doing here...


Your 'perfectly imperfect' artist, revealed...and it is so-o -o Alexa: clean, simple, awesome! I am enjoying taking this class vicariously with you; know that your 'fears' and hesitations resonate with a whole lot of us. We are there too. And as you experiment, overcome, grow and share, it helps us do the same. Looking fwd to the next installment.

PS . Have you read the Gift of Imperfection by Brené Brown? I think you'd like.


Sometimes it's good for us to be brave and try something we're not so comfortable with. Love the flowers and also the ideas you expressed in this post!
The oranges & greens are my favourites anyway, so I'm a fan of this journal already!
Hope you have enjoyed this, even with the "warts"!

Thank you for the kind comment on my recent post. I'm so tired, but hope to soon be getting back to "normal" (whatever that is!). X


Great page. It was nice to see the bumps along the way and how you embraced them and worked them. I really love getting messy and inky for my art journal but I struggle to do it with my scrapbooking. Have fun.

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